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The aim is to provide individuals with growth and better opportunities. Every psychometric test tries to test three things of a student, personality, aptitude, and attitude. For evaluating strengths and weaknesses and clearing the confusion in the mind about which stream to choose one can take a psychometric test. The reason behind the development of tests is to be neutral in the cultural and social status of individuals when selecting. Thus to avoid advantages or disadvantages due to the backgrounds of individuals, online and offline psychometric tests become part of a company as well as for self-help for students.

How to pass the test

When you are applying for a job as a candidate you most likely will face a pre-employment psychometric test. A psychometric test is conducted as a part of the hiring process to evaluate a candidate’s attitude, skills, personality traits, knowledge, and abilities. The student will be asked questions from numerical reasoning and has questions from basic arithmetic, percentage, ratio, fractions, and data manipulation related to time and measurement.

Mechanical comprehension section has questions includes set of mechanical problem you need to solve in a time constraint. The section contains concepts from gravity, energy, pressure, kinetic and potential energy, friction, acceleration, work, and power, etc. The verbal ability has questions from reading comprehension, word meaning, para jumbles, one-word substitution, etc. And general reasoning has questions from international business, brands, sports, news, economy, books and authors, static GK, art, etc.

When to prepare for the test

To identify best-fit careers for yourself you should take a psychometric test. If a student is too young or at the beginning of school it’s not a good time to take the test. Start to prepare after class 10th or higher, with the help of the internet, or take a psychometric test provided. There are different types of tests; ideal career test, multiple intelligence test, etc. Preparation is a commitment that leads to awareness. If you want to get that job the first step is to prepare for a psychometric test. Pre-exposure to something for the first time is always difficult. Check out online practice tests, research, read questions, and their answers, and practice. Practice will build your confidence. Under time pressure practice, learning, and solving strategies will help you perform better. Every company has its idea of the perfect employee however most of this is based on the same set of expected behaviors and performance ideal situational judgment test personality questionnaires and other psychometric tools are now more popular than ever. Thus by psychometric tests, it becomes possible to help yourself towards making the right choice of career.

Psychometric testing and companies

Many top companies are adding psychometric testing to the recruitment process to get quick and quality hires. It’s an excellent tool for companies to predict many things about a candidate applying for the job. Some of the companies are:

  • Ford Motor
  • Microsoft
  • McDonald’s
  • Duke

In HR, technology, and operations fields this test is included in the process by the companies. Numerical reasoning testing, non-verbal reasoning, logical reasoning provided by Talent Q, some companies take two-part test Competency Test and The P & G Reasoning Test. Time constraints test includes an assessment of a candidate on percentage, ratios, graph, interpretation, statics, etc. Depending on the position the applicant is applying for various tests. Some time recruitment processes also consist of telephonic interviews and behavioral questions, personality tests, and technical assessments. It is according to the convenience of the companies or test-takers in which mode they take a test.

How to prepare

Areas to improve

If you want to improve in scores significantly, read out the following points to get help:

  • The more you practice under time conditions the better your scores will be.
  • Aim for speed as well as accuracy. Most tests are designed so you can finish them within the allotted timeframe. You may also mark for inaccurate answers.
  • Check to see whether or not you can use a calculator before the test. If you can make sure you know how to use one. Practice without a calculator. Calculate the average time you have per question during the real test and only allow yourself that amount of time when practice. If there are 30 questions and you have 20 minutes to complete the test practice with that time frame.
  • If it is taking too long to solve or you don’t know the answer then move to the next question. And by leaving a space for that question on the answer sheet you can come back to it later.
  • Look for sequence and patterns in the questions when you are practicing.
  • Revise and revise, learn and practice formulas.

Types of Psychometric Tests Available for 11th and 12th Students.

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