What is the history of Career Counselling?

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“Career counselling”, these two words together can change the perspective of an individual to look at the world around him. Counselling means helping an individual so that he/she can help themselves. Here are some of the What Is The History Of Career Counselling ?

Career counseling for class 10th further assists an individual to support themselves in order to decide the right career path to succeed in the future. Unlike a normal guidance mechanism, career counselling is a long process that starts from an early stage at the time of school and may continue until the candidate is satisfied with his/ her career path.

Career counselling is known to have a history dating back to the late 19th century. The United States can definitely boast of giving birth to it. This file of service actually derived from the societal and economic upheaval that the country was facing at that time. It was considered a social measure at that time to direct people as per their talents to the right industries and factories.

Industrialization was taking place at a great pace and career counselling was considered to be a measure to eradicate poverty and increase the livelihood of the people living there.

Parsons based his career counselling service on the factors :-

  1. Realization of self-talents
  2. Realizing the skills required
  3. Mapping the skills present and skills required for the jobs.

In fact, Parson was the person behind the establishment of the Vocational Bureau at Civic Service House in Boston in 1908. After the formal establishment, psychological factors came into the existence of career counselling which led to psychometric testing.

Starting from there, career counselling evolved into being used in schools and at the education level. Jesse B. Davis has a big contribution to it. He was the first-ever career counsellor (1898) in an educational set up that helped students with their career problems.

Although, it was slow work for career counselling in schools, yet it paved the way for use of this service in different fields. It was in the late 1960s that career counselling got channelized into organizational and meaningful work.


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Q. What is the history of career counselling?

A. Career counselling has a rich history that can be traced back to the early 20th century. The practice emerged as a response to the changing industrial landscape and the need to guide individuals in making informed career choices.

Q. Who is considered the pioneer of career counselling?

A. Frank Parsons is often regarded as the pioneer of career counselling. In 1908, he published a book titled “Choosing a Vocation,” which laid the foundation for the field. Parsons emphasized the importance of matching an individual’s skills, interests, and values with appropriate career paths.

Q. When did career counselling become more prevalent?

A. Career counselling gained significant traction in the mid-20th century when society became more aware of the importance of job satisfaction and personal fulfillment. The advent of aptitude tests, vocational guidance programs, and educational reforms further contributed to the growth of career counselling.

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