An ecosystem check for needing 15 lakh counselors

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None of us can grow without proper guidance. Career counseling is simply the process of understanding and evaluating a candidate’s strengths, concerns, interests, and capabilities, to mentor them towards a path, deemed the best for them. This process profoundly observes the inclination and understanding of a candidate and promotes them to choose the right career and related options. Here is an article on An Ecosystem Check For Needing 15 Lakh Counselors .

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Experts provide the correct information, break myths, and give insight into various fields by an ecosystem check for needing counselors. As a student-career counselor team, they work upon multiple problems like a disagreement between parents and children regarding their career, time management issues, etc. So There Is An Ecosystem Check For Needing 15 Lakh Career Counselors.

Dwindling Career Counselling Sector In India

India possesses the most significant percentage of the student population in the world. Paradoxically, this nation is experiencing a shortage of professional counsellors. The situation calls for immediate attention to the increasing complexities in career choices.

The highly competitive environment with relatively falling rates of job creation has intensified the pressure on kids as well as parents. 93% Of Students Between The Age Of 14 And 21 are aware of just seven career options in India, despite the number of options being more than 250. Schools are not well-equipped to manage career counseling in India. Resultantly, reports have shown that around 85% Of Students Are Concerned regarding the options to choose between in higher education, and 92% Don’t Receive any career-related information from their schools at all. know more about CERTIFICATION COURSE FOR GUIDING SCHOOL STUDENTS .

Students with a rural or uneducated background remain oblivious to the vast multitude of job options and force themselves to fit into the much limited, mainstream careers. This wrong channelization creates a conflict of potential and hampers the future of both the child and the country.

A survey conducted by the Indian government concludes that a highly educated youth is more than five times as likely to be out of employment as an uneducated youth. Nearly 35% Of Graduates and above-qualified people are unemployed, while relatively ignorant young workers were found in better conditions. This points to an imbalance between skill building and contemporary jobs. Timely and proper career counseling can curb this problem.

The strength of the student market in India is 315 million. This active market has a weak number of 1 Lakh Guidance Career Counselors against it. This deficit can be met by bringing in at least 15 Lakh career counselors in India.

How Did The Shortage Of Career Counsellors Stem?

  • The most evident reason for this shortage is an absence of understanding about its importance in the traditional mindset. Only schools located in major cities have counselors who are limited in numbers and have to act as both psychological and career experts.
  • Career counselors often misrepresent their skills or quit their jobs midway due to unacceptable levels of job stability and a lack of motivation.
  • This shortage has simmered up to the surface mainly because of the apparent pace difference between the educational scenario and job market; and receival of expert career knowledge.

Consequences Of Diminished Career Counselling Sector In India

Choosing The Wrong Life Path

India has the highest rate of suicide among youngsters. Studies have identified the leading causes to be the fear of failure, depression due to failing, peer pressure, and unemployment. More than 26,000 Students have committed suicide in the past three years. Children experience stress and anxiety due to examinations which carry the pressure of excelling better than their peers. The improper curriculum of schools hammer unhealthy competitiveness in students and rob them of creativity and self-learning. The stress kindles addiction and drug abuse in students which is increasing at a rapid speed.

Lack Of Overseas Education Counsellors

CBSE (Central Board Of Secondary Education) has made it mandatory for their schools to have a career counselling wing. There have been numerous demands to have certified career counselors ever since, but a scarcity still prevails. Students who want to and have the requisite skills to pursue in the best colleges in the world and study abroad receive little and often misdirected information. There is a deep cavity in overseas education counseling in India, which makes the procedure problematic.

Hesitation In Choosing An Unconventional Career Path

Since the unconventional paths of careers are not as much crowded, students do not receive the right information regarding them. There are a lot of stereotypes weaved around the career options. As a result, students hesitate in choosing these careers even if they carry enough potential.

Why Is Career Counselling Necessary?

  • Career counselling helps a student to discover and research many career options that were uncharted before. A skilled counsellor customizes this discovery according to the skills and interests of the student.
  • Career counselling sets you on the right path of attaining the required degrees and qualifications for the option you are keen towards and display appropriate skills.
  • To achieve your dream job, a counsellor aids you in fixing a goal that is attainable, measurable, and relevant to your field of choice.

Career counselors indulge their candidates in a variety of techniques to adequately identify their skills, strengths, and abilities. These tools or techniques can be aptitude tests and career assessment tests. Their long-term experience and expertise in career development also come in handy.

Two Very Essential Skills For A Career Counsellor

Technological Ability

Traditional methods of counselling do not affect the students in the desired way. Data assessment tools and AI can help the counsellor in designing the appropriate approach for the students, which clears doubts and deletes biases from educational counseling. Know more about TECHNOLOGY SERVICES FOR COUNSELLORS .

First-Hand Reception

The counsellor should look to gain a direct interaction experience with students, academics, and industry/ market. They need to have an open mind regarding the new careers, courses, and trends. Career counselling is in dire need of help. This sector is essential to help students choose a path that falls in tune with their capabilities and interests. A psychological engagement in any field enhances the thinking and learning power, helps to understand the concepts profoundly and remember accurately. So there is an ecosystem check for needing counselors.

Become A Master With Careerguide

The Career Counsellor Certification Course” from CareerGuide is a 50+ hour, self-paced, lifetime access online course for career counsellor certification. This will assist in giving you curriculum with the use of many Case Studies, Scenarios, FAQs, and Quizzes. Everything you need to become a successful career counsellor is in the curriculum. This course consists of  lessons that help to develop your skills and become a master career guide.

FAQ's on An ecosystem check for needing 15 lakh counselors

Q: Why is there a need for 15 lakh counselors? 

A: With the growing population and increasing competition, people are facing mental health issues and struggling to make informed decisions about their careers. This has created a demand for professional counselors to help individuals deal with such issues.

Q: What is an ecosystem check for needing 15 lakh counselors? 

A: An ecosystem check refers to analyzing the current and future demands for counselors in different sectors and industries. It involves assessing the education system, employment opportunities, mental health issues, and other factors that may affect the demand for counselors.

Q: What are the benefits of having 15 lakh counselors? 

A: Having 15 lakh counselors can improve mental health services, reduce the burden on healthcare systems, and enhance the overall well-being of individuals. It can also lead to better career decision-making, increased job satisfaction, and improved productivity in different industries.

Q: What challenges may arise while trying to meet the need for 15 lakh counselors? 

A: Some of the challenges that may arise include the availability of resources, funding, training facilities, and the need for a structured approach to the certification and regulation of counselors. Additionally, there may be a shortage of qualified counselors in some areas, and efforts may be needed to attract and retain talented professionals.

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