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Career counselling service is referred by different names in different countries. Some of them are- ‘vocational guidance’ and ‘academic guidance’.

European Nation and World Bank have defined it in a broader sense which encompasses concepts of career information, career guidance along with counselling.

The aim of doing this is to provide the seeker with career management skills for making sound career decisions. This makes them aware of the challenges and opportunities in their career field.

PISA career counselling index

Career counselling is not a new concept, some countries have been following some element of it for several years while other countries are taking strong steps to bring it into the academic curriculum of the students. Different countries have different rules and regulations for career counselling and counsellors.

In some of the developed nations, this counselling is being provided by the government and Universities. For example, United Kingdom has National Career Service which provides free counselling to students and professionals for their career queries.

Developing nations such as India have adopted a similar model in the country however, they are yet to implement it on a wider scale. This won’t be wrong to accept the fact that career counselling is being adopted widely.

At a global level government, as well as private bodies, are making efforts to ensure that each and every child receives career counselling considering the fact that it can strengthen the country’s youth and thus the economy.

Global Education Attainment And Performance Scoring

Education attainment is the percentage of the population age 25-64 having high school degree and the average performance score is the score of students studying in science, mathematics, reading, problem-solving and financial learning. The performance scoring is provided by Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).

Education attainment is definitely high in developed nations United States and the United Kingdom, however, the case of Korea provides data for analysis which will be discussed in the next chapter.

Global Education attainment and performance scoring
Global Education attainment and performance scoring

In the majority of Asian countries, the numbers are not promising and it clearly indicates the extent of counselling programmes for a career in the countries. It is worth mentioning that most of these countries have a literacy rate of more than 80% and yet their performance is not appreciable.

The study indicates that the countries with strong career counselling structure have a promising performance. Asian countries to b specific, need to take the matter seriously and consider the importance of career counselling.

By Surabhi Dewra

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