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Career guidance is an emerging profession in India, with more people and organizations appreciating the role played in dealing with various educational and occupational trends that are intrinsic to modern life. A professional career counselor is best equipped to deal with complex career choices and the best course to reach the desired goal. It makes sense to learn more about the counseling sessions before looking at the preparations required by a professional counselor.

How is career counseling defined?

career counsellor, professional counselor

The basic tenet of career counseling or career guidance is to focus on issues related to a career path and highlighting the strength and weaknesses of the client to help him make an informed decision in career options, education, and progression.

A career counselor manages and advises children on ways to overcome shortcomings and the career to choose based on one’s own potential. In the case of a working individual, the issue of career progression and switch could be the concern.

A professional counselor is thus a consultant who helps in giving direction to the client to reach the objective. 

How does a career counselor prepare for a session?

The outcome of a counseling session is significantly indicated by the opening and closure of the session. The job of the career counselor becomes easy on the identification of the target audience.

A professional counselor will prepare to face the following:

Thus as consultants, preparations will vary depending on the proposed audience.

The best approach for career counselors is to break their preparation and outcome into three different phases which are enumerated below.

1. Pre-Session Preparation:

First, perform a background check about the audience.

  • For a secondary student, science or humanities is a crucial decision taken at this stage. 
  • A working individual will either be looking for input to ensure progress or make a switch. 
  • For a higher secondary student, which discipline to choose for graduation is vital. 
  • Study and research to tackle a plethora of questions that may crop during the course of the session.
  • For graduates, it is crucial to decide the next course – employment or further academics.

The groundwork will include absorbing the right information to share with the client to facilitate an informed decision. 

2. Counseling Session Proper:

Once he has done the groundwork well, the counselor is prepared for a session properly.

  1. The counselor scans the records of the client before initiating the session.
  2. It is a good idea to welcome and make the individual comfortable to ensure that communication is two-way.
  3. The idea of engaging in a two-way dialogue is to gauge the aptitude, interests, and perceptions in the case of students.
  4. When it is an employed person, the conversation leads to an expression of intent.
  5. For a student, it helps him to gain insight into the following:
  • Their area of interest signifying aptitude.
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses in the area of interest
  • The right stream to choose based on aptitude and interest. 
  • Learning about career possibilities and prospects in the chosen field of study. 
  • Different career options worth pursuing. 
  • Chalk out an alternate plan in the event of a change in the future.
  1. Similarly, in the case of working individuals, the counselor needs to learn about his concerns and perspectives and where he is lagging in his field.
  2. The whole idea is to instill clarity into the area of concern and suggest the right path to adopt. In two-way communication, the pros and cons are discussed threadbare to evolve a direction for execution.
  3. Encourage to draw inspiration from the strengths and counter weaknesses.
  4. It is a good idea to keep notes on the proceeding of the session and the benefit is mutual.
  5. Finding pathways leads to a successful outcome.

3. Session Closure:

It helps the counselor to summarize the proceedings of the session and note down the salient points. Every session is an opportunity for the career counselor to learn. 

  1. The session usually draws to a close when a mutually appreciated outcome is reached. 
  2. Ending the session on a positive note reflects the desired outcome. 

What are the benefits of a well-prepared career counseling session?

Now that you are aware of how a career counseling session progresses, let us evaluate why preparation for a career counseling session is important and how to reap the benefits. 

Career guidance helps in the following ways:

  • Make Right Career Choice: Career counselors are experts evaluating your aptitude, interests, and personality. They are therefore able to guide you with the right career options.
  • Provide Right Resource: You are enlightened with expert knowledge about careers, their scope, and the means to pursue.
  • Instill Confidence: The counselor identifies hurdles in the career path and suggests inputs on ways to overcome them. A proper insight into the solution raises the counselee’s confidence.
  • Rectifies Unwanted Traits: Many students and professionals are victims of unwanted behavioral traits that can impede their career paths. The counselor identifies the issues and helps to remove the infirmities.
  • Brings Stability of Purpose: Pursuing a chosen career may be laced with a number of pitfalls. Career guidance with an expert teaches you the ways to remain calm and organized in dealing with failures until success is achieved.
  • Inspiration: Counselors are experts who share their knowledge freely with the counselee. 

Bottom Line: 

The success of a career counselor depends on preparation which includes the creation of a secure environment and exuding confidence in the client.

After all the counselee seeks consultation from an expert that the career counselor is expected to be. A thorough preparation, research, learning on a range of subjects, industry, and keeping abreast of the trends in each is the key to your success as a career counselor.

A career counselor thus bases his acumen on acquired knowledge and zeal to show the right path to the client by tempering shortcomings and augmenting strong points to realize the potential leading to a fruitful and rewarding career.

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So this is the end of the post Career Counselor: Preparations For Counseling Session. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.