CareerGuides’s Credibility for career counselor certification

Want create site? Find Free WordPress Themes and plugins. believes that a career is a person’s life. They have helped up to 3500K students across the country. Their geographical reach is more than 34000. There are 1500 career counselors in its network, and it has completed 1000K psychometric tests. Explore the website, see the time and effort that had gone into the facilities offered. Here is CareerGuides’s Credibility for career counselor certification.

For Students

CareerGuide offers seven psychometric tests designed by eminent psychologists. They are organized in such a way as to highlight your aptitude, interests, and aspirations. CareerGuide even offers career counseling on the phone if that is what you prefer. The portal features thousands of career options. You can also find in-depth information on all famous educational institutions here. It will even help you search for career counselors online.

For Parents

If you are a parent, you can avail various facilities offered to students. CareerGuide assists you to choose colleges wherever you want, either in India or abroad. If you decide to go overseas, helps you take care of all the legal requirements. 

For Counselors

As a career counselor, CareerGuide offers everything you need to start on your own. You only need to download the app and create a profile on the portal. Your dashboard will have all the information you require to offer career advice to students. You can earn as much as you want at your convenience.

CareerGuide, however, gives preference to our certified counselors when offering freelance assignments, and getting one is not a tough job. You only have to Pay INR15000 and learn at your own pace. You also Get Seven Psychometric Tests At A Nominal Cost Of INR500. Psychometric tests let you test your student’s aptitude and interests, and you can suggest a career option accordingly. even provides information on 8000 institutions that you can recommend to students. Know more about PERSONAL BRANDING & SALES FOR CAREER COUNSELLORS

The portal remains your most reliable source of information even in career options. The portal offers up to 1000 choices. You can expand your network and connect with professionals in your field.  Finally, the dashboard lets you keep track of everything that you do on the portal. It enables you to calculate your earnings and the payments made.

For Professionals

If you are a professional, helps you advance your profession to the next level. It assists your efforts when you plan a change of career and also enables you to find a job after a long break from the corporate world. The ideal psychometric tests have designed you to evaluate your aspirations. And the skill index analyzes the level of success you can attain as a professional. The higher the index is, the better you will fare in interviews.

And if you decide to expand your skills in career counseling, CareerGuide offers the career certification program. You can go either for the offline or online version based on your preferences and requirements. Whatever is your choice, a certification course here entitles you to the following benefits:

  • Lifetime access to the vast sources of information on the portal
  • Seven psychometric tests at a ridiculously low rate
  • In-depth information on everything related to career counseling
  • Guidance to help students with their career options

FAQ's on CareerGuides’s Credibility for career counselor certification

Q: Is CareerGuide a credible platform for career counselor certification? 

A: Yes, CareerGuide is a credible platform for career counselor certification. It has established itself as a reputable provider of career counseling courses and certifications. The platform has a team of experienced professionals who are experts in the field of career counseling and have designed comprehensive certification programs.

Q: How can I verify the credibility of CareerGuide’s career counselor certification? 

A: You can verify the credibility of CareerGuide’s career counselor certification by researching the platform’s reputation and track record. Look for reviews and testimonials from individuals who have completed the certification course. Additionally, check if the certification program is accredited or recognized by relevant professional organizations or educational institutions.

Q: Are CareerGuide’s career counselor certifications recognized in the industry? 

A: Yes, CareerGuide’s career counselor certifications are recognized in the industry. The platform ensures that its certification programs meet industry standards and are aligned with best practices in career counseling. Many employers and organizations acknowledge and value certifications earned through CareerGuide.

Q: What is the value of CareerGuide’s career counselor certification in the job market? 

A: CareerGuide’s career counselor certification holds value in the job market as it demonstrates your knowledge, skills, and commitment to the field of career counseling. It can enhance your employability and open up opportunities in various settings, such as educational institutions, career counseling centers, private practice, or consultancy roles.

The Curriculum

The certification program starts with a peek into the student’s mindset. It touches upon the dilemma the tenth-standard students face and the urgency of the crucial step. It then moves on to popular subject combinations for various streams after the tenth. You learn the benefits of career counseling, content themes, and tips on delivering the same.  Then you get acquainted with the tools you need to help students. You learn to interpret reports and test results from the stream selector tools. You also get a series of frequently asked questions designed to assist students in their attempts here. As the program progresses, you learn how to manage the expectations of students and their parents. You get an idea of the questions students generally ask career counselors. The phase ends with case studies and sample scenarios of career counseling for students.

In the second phase, you learn everything about students in the 11th and 12th standards. This too follows the same curriculum. You get an idea of the subject combinations in different streams and the tools required to help students. At the end of it, you receive a certificate , both as a hard and as a soft copy and you are free to display it wherever you want to advertise yourself. If you desire, you can Start Working As A Freelancer With Careerguide.Com and earn on your own. You may also apply to schools and colleges. Educational institutions today are in the hunt for certified career counselors.

The Instructor

CareerGuide’s instructor Surabhi Dewra is someone with a good reputation in the field. She has also been instrumental in bringing positive changes in the sector.

All these can never come from fake institutions or portals. If this is not enough, you can contact the instructor on the phone or through social media. The internet too abounds in success stories and customer testimonials.

The career counselor certification program offered by CareerGuide is perhaps the most reliable you can find for career counselor certification programs. It provides everything students, parents, professionals, and career counselors need to take their dreams to the next level. With facilities for scholarships, EMI options, and other discounts, its training is affordable even for an average person.

You may have to spend a bit to get the most from the website. But the benefits you receive outweigh all your efforts in this direction. The firm transforms jobless well-educated people into professionals earning till the end of their time on earth. If our analysis is not enough, you can browse the internet. CareerGuide certification course is there on all platforms. Contact the instructor on the phone and ask as many questions as you choose. Read reviews, customer testimonials, and videos posted. There are thousands of students, parents, career counselors, and other professionals who can vouch for the CareerGuide certification course.


The Career Counsellor Certification Course” from CareerGuide is a 50+ hour, self-paced, lifetime access online course for career counsellor certification. This will assist in giving you curriculum with the use of many Case Studies, Scenarios, FAQs, and Quizzes. Everything you need to become a successful career counsellor is in the curriculum. This course consists of  lessons that help to develop your skills and become a master career guide.

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