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In many respects, the technological civilization in which we now live has an impact on our lives. Technology is altering our work habits in a variety of ways. Technology is making work easier, from office jobs to using the Internet at research facilities and creating various figures. The use of technology in career counselling improves access to information on a variety of topics. Though coding abilities aren’t essential for a career counselor’s job and career counselling certification, some basic technical skills must be learned, such as how to utilize computers and the internet. Technology can be utilized to assist a counsellor in gathering knowledge about a specific subject of study, or it can be used to build an interactive questionnaire to determine a client’s interests. The questionnaire’s results can be viewed, and career coaching can be provided as needed. Let’s look at the technical skills needed for a career as a career counsellor and career counselling certification:

Computer Proficiency

The first technical skill is computer proficiency important for career counselling certification. Whether or not technology is used in career counselling varies from person to person. The emphasis should be on aiding people with their educational and career choices. To make the best decisions, there is a huge demand for high-quality data. It will necessitate a self-evaluation of one’s interests and principles. This will also necessitate knowledge of the present labor market. This information is easily available from a computer. Simple tools and software can be used to develop a questionnaire that will aid in the understanding of the individual’s interests. Computer programmes can also create a graph that displays information about specific regions of interest. Computer programmes can also create a graph that displays information about specific regions of interest.

career counselling certification

Internet literacy

“A large network that connects computers throughout the country and around the world” is how the Internet is defined. A lot of information may be viewed and reviewed on the internet. Knowledge of impending careers and several other careers is essential in the life of a career counsellor, thus a basic understanding of the internet is required to get information. The internet is utilized in career counselling to assist clients with their interests, employment data, career alternatives, educational and vocational opportunities, and more. It is beneficial not only for learning knowledge, but also for interacting with the client. The customer can communicate with the career counsellor via emails, online dialogues, and chats. So internet literacy is another important skill for career counselling certification.

E-monitoring abilities

E- monitoring skills is another important technical skills for career counselling certification. Face-to-face meetings were held in the past, but due to technological advancements, e-monitoring is now essential. E-monitoring is a technology ability and certification required for the Career Counsellor Profession to use electronic methods as a key channel of contact. By utilizing multiple apps, e-monitoring alleviates geographical and time constraints. People with busy schedules can easily connect with mentors.

Computer-Aided Career Guidance Systems are a type of computer-assisted career guidance system

Initially, the counsellor would assist individuals by delivering information about a specific vocation after learning about their areas of interest. However, since the advent of the internet, this position has shifted. Individuals have a greater say in their professional development. They are eager to become involved. As a result, the counselor’s principal duty these days is to assist students or persons in gaining access to various types of information on the Internet and effectively using computer-assisted programmes. However, counselling sessions are still required.

A variety of tools are required by career counsellors. Many computer-assisted navigation systems, such as DISCOVER, SIGI, and other information systems, are available. CACG, or Computer-Assisted Career Guidance, is a program that assists counsellors in learning about many areas of schooling, such as finances, the future, and so on. CACG assists in determining needs, orienting clients, providing support, providing online assistance through the counsellor, and providing follow-up and evaluation. Knowing about these programs is crucial since it will help you advance as a counsellor. So, these are the skills you’ll need to succeed in the long run which help you get career counselling certification. Developing such abilities will help you advance as a counsellor. Regardless of technical abilities, the ability to comprehend the client’s situation is critical. Technology can only assist the counselor’s work; it cannot replace the counsellor.

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By: Sananda Kumari

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