College Majors that Make the Best Salary

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If your goal is to maximise your earning potential, you would be knowing to consider a career within the high-demand areas of science, technology, engineering, and math. Here, then, are the top-paying majors overall:

1. Petroleum engineering

The focus of petroleum engineering is on developing safe and efficient ways of locating and extracting underground oil and fossil fuel reserves. Topics of study include geology, mechanics, thermodynamics, and well drilling. Opportunities are available round the world in research labs, consulting firms, and energy companies.

  • Median salary: $135,754

2. Pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, and pharmaceutical administration

Learning to develop and test drugs and other medicines involves training during a range of sciences, including biology, chemistry, and toxicology. These curricula can prepare you for a career in pharmacological sales, study, marketing, or manufacturing. They also provide an honest foundation for graduate work resulting in a Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

  • Median salary: $112,519 3.
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3. Metallurgical engineering

In this form of program, you learn all about metals like iron, steel, aluminium, copper, and zinc: the way to extract them, combine them for various purposes, and use them to make different products. you furthermore may find out how they react to fret and changing environmental conditions. Metallurgic engineers can work for any corporation that refines, produces, or manufactures alloys or metal products.

  • Median salary: $97,743

4. Mining and mineral engineering

Mining and mineral engineering programs specialize in teaching you the way to style efficient systems to search out and extract minerals like coal, gold, and diamonds. You furthermore might find out how to manage processing operations, ensure worker safety, and minimize mining’s environmental impacts. Much of a mining engineer’s work is finished on-site in remote locations.

  • Median salary: $97,372
college majors

5. Chemical engineering

We use many of the products we use every day – from the food we put in our mouths to the fuel we put in our cars – are available to us because of chemical engineering. This program prepares you to style and develop manufacturing processes and equipment that utilize different chemical properties to provide commercially viable products. Graduates can find additional research labs, industrial plants, or chemical refineries.

  • Median salary: $96,156

6. Engineering science

Electrical engineering majors learn the way to style and maintain every kind of electrical equipment, from calculators to communications systems. The telecommunications, energy, manufacturing, and construction industries all need people with this type of coaching.

  • Median salary: $93,215

7. Aerospace engineering

If you dream of designing aircraft, rockets, and satellites? Aerospace engineering programs offer training in airframe design, structural analysis, flight mechanism, avionics, and thermodynamics. Some programs have separate tracks for people who want to concentrate on aircraft and people who would rather specialise in spacecraft.

  • Median salary: $90,141
college majors

8. Applied science

This is one amongst the foremost diverse branches of engineering. Generally speaking, majoring in applied science is about learning the way to develop and build devices and machines that involve motion. that would include cars, airplanes, sensors, turbines, compressors, and then far more. Graduates can find yourself in a very huge range of industries, like the automotive, aerospace, electronics, biotechnology, or manufacturing sectors.

  • Median salary: $86,883

9. Geological and geophysical engineering

While it’s closely associated with mining engineering, geological engineering takes a broader view. You learn the way to gauge soil and rock conditions to see appropriate sites for mines, roads, dams, or pipelines. you furthermore might learn the way to assess the possible hazards (such as floods or earthquakes) that would arise from site development.

  • Median salary: $86,553 

Engineering and study of the varied sciences dominated the area of highest paying career paths. However, if your interests run somewhere apart from technology or engineering, here are a number of the simplest college degrees to consider:

1. Economics

Part science and part liberal art, economics involves examining how and why people and organizations value more highly to allocate resources the way they are doing. this kind of coaching teaches you to investigate market and consumer data, detect patterns, and draw meaningful conclusions. Such skills can facilitate your find add fields like insurance, banking, realty, and government service.

  • Median salary: $76,000
college majors

2. Accounting

Every business need someone who can track and report its financial activities, which is precisely what accounting programs train you to try and do. You find out about reading a record, calculating taxes, analysing profitability, and preparing financial statements. Some programs offer a choice of specializations, like auditing, tax accounting, or forensic accounting.

  • Median salary: $69,000

3. Industrial and organizational psychology

Applying psychological principles to worker behaviour is what industrial and organizational psychology is all about. This kind of program aims to coach you to look at things like employee recruitment policies, workplace training programs, and worker attitudes and motivations to assist improve the general function of a business.

  • Median salary: $66,000

4. Public policy

Drawing on elements of sociology, economics, and social science, public policy programs train you to judge and analyse the laws and regulations that govern and affect our society. Courses typically cover topics like constitutional law, ethics, labour economics, and public finance. Civic policy undergraduates study how to assess and compare planned solutions to social problems. Graduates can find add all levels of state.

  • Median salary: $65,000
college majors

5. Mediation

Majoring in diplomacy involves studying politics, law, languages, history, geography, and more. You study cultural concerns, social issues, and economic trends that may affect how governments and societies interact. negotiation graduates often find jobs within the agency, state department, or other government agencies; opportunities also are available within the private sector.

  • Median salary: $62,000 

– Chandni Sethia 

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