8 Career path in Pharmacy after post-graduation

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M Pharm is a postgraduate academic degree in the field of Pharmacy. Pharmacy is the branch of science that helps students to choose a great option to build a career specializing in the optimal utilization of drugs and medicines. Career advice for M Pharm helps students specialize in industrial operations, instrumental techniques, research methodologies, diagnostics, and other medical fields. It provides a very wide horizon on the safe and effective utilization of pharmaceutical drugs, that help people fight diseases. Career path in pharmacy gives a privilege, to choose a specialization from subjects that provide more in-depth knowledge in fields like nutrition pharmacy, pharmaceutical chemistry, cardiovascular pharmaceutics, oncology pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical biotechnology, etc.

Skills Sets commonly developed by a Post Graduate Degree of Masters in Pharmacy

  • Good Memory Retention
  • Inclination towards Chemistry, and its applications
  • Comfortable with widely used chemicals and their chemical structures
  • Analytical Thought Process
  • Research and Development Analysis
  • Patience in grasping the knowledge of various drugs
  • Ability to apply the knowledge in practical scenarios
  • Great Communication Skills
  • Ability to convince people

With the above-mentioned skill sets, an M Pharm student is all set to give his/her career a great head start, and a very wide set of options to build a career in.

Here are 8 career path in Pharmacy after Post-graduation

Formulation Development

With the increase in the number of communicable life-threatening diseases, developing formulations to counter the viruses, and to prevent them becomes the highest priority for the Research and Development team of the Pharmaceutical producing companies across the globe. M Pharm students can also be offered the role of a scientist in the research and development team in the company. Students of masters in pharmacy who have a liking towards research, and finding multiple solutions to a single problem, along with a strong desire to strive for the betterment of the society, should consider this field to build their career in.

Quality Control Department

Each and every Pharmaceutical Drug manufacturing company needs to have a department of Quality Control to abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the government. Students with a career path in pharmacy, who feel they can take up the responsibility of protecting the society from the side effects caused due to imbalance in the chemical structures as prescribed by the medical heads of the country, can consider this as a great option to build their career in.

In the Quality Control Department, Students with career paths in pharmacy have a job profile that would majorly involve looking after the compositions and testing of the drugs that are produced in each batch. All the batches that are produced by the pharmaceutical drug manufacturing company, have to follow certain rules and regulations concerning not only the drugs that are produced but also making sure the working environment is not hazardous for the factory workers.

Medical Representative

M Pharm students who have an inclination towards sales and marketing strategy and its analysis can consider this field as a great option to build their career in. Pharmacy students, who have a great grip on the subjects bundled with good communication and negotiation skills, can choose a career to be Medical Representatives. The job profile of Medical Representatives involves, advising the doctors about the pharmacological effects of drugs, their optimum dosage, their side effects and symptoms of some specific diseases. Students who feel they have a go-getter attitude, and perform better under deadlines and love to achieve targets, can consider this as an apt profile as a career option.

College Lecturer

Students of masters in pharmacy who love the subjects they have been taught so far, and who also love teaching others, are the apt candidates for the job profile of lecturers in colleges. Students who don’t mind going over the same syllabus again and again, whether it is learning or teaching, and who don’t mind solving others’ doubts, irrespective of its difficulty level, the role of a college professor is meant just for you.

Aspiring students to become a college lecturer need a firm grip over few subjects they are willing to teach and a good set of communication skills that will help them deliver a lecture which will also allow them to make it more interactive. Each of us knows how important it has been to the role of teachers in our lives, and hence the students with a career path in pharmacy who feel that they owe something to the society and want to contribute to uplifting the people, a lecturer’s profile is meant just for you. There are very fewer jobs that allow you to help shape the youth of the country and mold them into life saviors in one way or the other.

Medical Writing

M Pharm students who have an inclination towards writing can consider this field as a great option to build their career in. This job profile majorly revolves around writing scientific and research data through specific documents. The type of medical writing differs according to the audience that is being targeted, and hence the audience plays the main role in deciding which type of medical writing is to be used. Medical Writers are commonly required to write documents like regulatory medical writing, clinical study protocols, clinical study reports, patient consent forms, investigating brochures, etc. The most common form of medical writing done is Regulatory Medical Writing, where the documents are to be submitted to the regulatory boards that look after the drug approval process.

Clinical Research

Students who like thinking out of the box, and are always on their toes to find multiple solutions to a problem by extensive research, this career choice is apt for them. Clinical Research majorly involves the study of the drugs, right from its introductory stage till the time it hits the consumer markets, and in some cases monitoring how well it has performed after hitting the consumer markets. Clinical Research can be broadly classified into Pre-Clinical and Clinical Trials. Pre-Clinical trials consist of observing the effects of drugs on animals and noting down the reports of all the toxicology tests, and other tests that are conducted. All these tests reports are then submitted to the regulatory board and then on the basis of these reports, permission to study the effects of these drugs on humans is taken.

Drug Inspector

M Pharm students have a great opportunity in this field, as it can give them a head start provided they have a firm grip over the subject knowledge. Students who wish to work for the people, and aspire to work for the government should consider this field is a great option to build their career in. The Central and the State government, appoint drug inspector after they clear the competitive examinations, conducted by the central or state government, and on the basis of their ranks they are selected and appointed in various districts, where drug manufacturing company operate, and they are responsible to monitor the quality and the chemical compositions of the drugs produced by various manufacturing company in that particular district or state.

Drug inspectors are not only hired by the government regulatory board but also by the private companies that have multiple factories manufacturing drugs, and hence it becomes very important to make sure that, all the drugs that are produced abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the regulatory authority.


Students of masters in pharmacy who wish to have his/her own business or an inclination towards the start-up culture should consider this field as a great career option. For an M Pharm student to start his own enterprise, one needs to adhere to a large number of rules and regulations laid down by the regulatory authority. If the student possesses a strong grip over the subject knowledge, a start-up based around the subjects he/she has mastered over the period of a couple of years would help them in the smooth functioning of his/her business in its initial years. M Pharm students can consider the following options to build their businesses on,

  • Developing a new drug formula
  • Taking Contracts for the manufacturing of the raw materials required for the production of specific drugs
  • Taking contracts for the Research and Development
  • Producing the raw materials required for the manufacturing of specific drugs
  • Shipping the produced Pharmaceutical drugs across the globe

Entrepreneurship is not seen much in the field of pharmaceuticals in India, but in the coming years, it will witness a massive boom, considering the fact that the government is creating and promoting various new policies that are start-up friendly, and providing subsidies as financial aid.

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