9 ways to make a career in pharmacy.

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With the increasing integration of medical services in India, the role of pharmacists has assumed vital importance in today’s world. Pharmacists are in demand for various interdisciplinary roles in today’s working domain. Here are 9 ways to make a career in Pharmacy. 

Research And Development

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This is a great career option in pharmacy for people interested in subjects like medicinal chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, etc. A degree such as M.Pharma, MS, or Ph.D. would be very ideal to gain a good opportunity in this domain. The salary in this domain in India hovers around 22 thousand per month in the initial stages. It can go higher with subsequent experience in the area. Know More About career counselling services for working professionals .

Formulation Development

Skilled and bright candidates can try their hands at assay development and assay validation. A degree such as M. Pharma might be helpful for this purpose. The major work in this domain hovers around finding new and more effective formulations of the existing ones. The starting salaries are quite low but subsequent growth can increase the salary substantially.

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Quality Control And Assurance

Quality control is as much a part of this industry as research and formulation development. A degree in regulatory affairs can land a graduate in this domain. Popularly known as Pharmacovigilance, this specialization is quickly gaining ground in India. Every formulation that arrives in the market has to undergo certain mandatory regulatory standards. The pay packages are similar to R&D roles.

Medical Writing

People with good and sound knowledge of pharmaceutical sciences can engage themselves in medical writing. This particular field requires creativity and a flair for writing. A lot of freelance jobs are available for such candidates and some of them are hired by corporates also. The remuneration depends on the nature of work and the candidate’s experience.

Sales And Marketing

This domain employs the most candidates in comparison to any other domain. Candidates who want to work for corporates can opt for these roles. Such candidates are engaged in roles involving the sales and marketing of drugs. More enterprising candidates can perform exceedingly well in this career. The job profile involves a lot of traveling, negotiations, and meeting deadlines. They also need to keep themselves updated with the current knowledge.

This domain also provides decent remuneration with performance-linked incentives. Freshers can expect a salary between 14000 to 25000 rupees per month. Candidates from B.Pharm background can get quicker promotions to Area Manager and subsequently to the product management team. Applicants with higher degrees like MBA and M.Pharm can also expect similar career trajectories. Know More About MASTERCLASS FOR WORKING PROFESSIONAL .

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Candidates who have higher education in Pharmacology can get recruited as lecturers in various institutions. Those who opt to teach graduates and postgraduates can also apply for Ph.D. programs. The salary ranges from 18000 to 24000 rupees. The job is much more relaxed as compared to other roles like sales and marketing. In a couple of years, candidates can get tenured positions such as assistant professors in various universities. The job provides an excellent work-life balance as compared to the other domains.

Community Pharmacy

This is a very underdeveloped domain, especially in India. It involves counseling patients and advising them on various topics such as the method of intake and the dosage of medicines. However, such jobs are quite low, especially in the private sector. Government organizations such as the army and railways recruit such pharmacists but the vacancies are quite low as compared to the workforce available.

Higher Studies Abroad

Candidates who are interested in further studies can opt for a master’s degree in Public health Management. Such degrees are very much in demand in countries like the U.K. have huge opportunities in the field of community pharmacy. However, candidates need to have a very good score in GRE and IELTS. With a master’s degree in hand, students can get various jobs like healthcare consultants, community pharmacists, and nutrition policymakers. salaries are quite huge and run a median of 80,000 US dollars after the experience of 1 to 3 years. Know more about Higher/executive education guidance.

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This is the least sought-after yet the most rewarding career option for Pharmacy students. There are a lot of issues involved in a career in entrepreneurship. Students who want to join this domain should have a strong knowledge of their product. It should be better than the existing products as it has to undergo many tests and regulations as mandated by the government. Investments are a huge issue in such startups. The government is coming up with new initiatives to encourage such startups. So it is expected that more opportunities in this domain will be available for the upcoming students.There are a couple of segments at which upcoming entrepreneurs can work. Things like new drug molecules, preparation of biologicals, R&D, E-Commerce for ready products, and so on. This sector is luckily at its prime and is expected to yield much more than what it is yielding as of now.


Working Professionals

Masterclasses are advanced level courses that offer in-depth knowledge and practical skills in a specific field or discipline. These courses are designed to provide working professionals with the opportunity to enhance their skills and advance their careers. Masterclasses are becoming increasingly popular among professionals due to their practical and hands-on approach, providing a valuable learning experience to help them to excel in their fields. In this article, we will discuss the importance of Masterclass for working professionals.

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