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Here are the 9 signs that reflect you need help from a career counselor:

You have no clue about your goals in life

Everyone has faced this situation in their life when they have no clue about their goals. What is good for your life sometimes becomes the biggest question? It is essential to recognize what makes you excited. It is important to assess what kind of lifestyles we want and which career path leads to that lifestyle. Sometimes friends and family are not enough experts guidance is important. Career counselors give you proper guidance for your career as per your interest.

You've just finished middle school and getting ready for bigger challenges

The end of middle school is the beginning of a career foundation. Students started feeling a new sense of responsibility. They focus on their strong subject. They started identifying their companions and started getting impacted by career discussions with them. Parents are more serious about the career-building stage of their child. This is the best time for students to know about the importance of career counseling. It also helps them to recognize their passion and help to choose the correct career path.

You’ve just completed class 10th and looking forward to selecting a new stream

10th is one of the most essential phases of a student’s life. Choosing the correct stream is very important because it leads to the career path. If you are not sure about your career, smartly choose a stream that provides various career paths. Most of the students choose a particular stream because their friends are choosing it. In this stage, a student listens to a lot of advice and, they got confused. Some are poorly influenced by an overconfident friend. In this stage, expert advice is important so they can control the steering wheel of their career. And move in the right direction, which leads to success.


After completing 12th, what options you have for colleges or work opportunities

12th is the second important stage of a student’s life. Students become more responsible after this stage. This the time when you have to know what you want. Want to continue with the current stream? Or want to apply for entrance exams? Or want to switch your stream? Many thoughts are running through your mind. Automatically this will increase your stress and leads to frustration. Talking to an expert can help you release your frustration and, give the correct path to your thoughts.

You've completed your college, but still, you’re not even close to deciding what to do next

Getting a college degree is another milestone for a student. Now they faced more challenges. In this phase, you have to interrogate yourself. What do you want to do? Want to get a job where every second person applying for that or want to get best universities for master degree. You got confused because you are stuck between responsibility and interest. Career guidance will help you to make a choice that leads to long successful professional life.

Lost And Confused Signpost

Your job choice didn’t work in your favor and you might get fired

Don’t be harsh on yourself, it happens to many people. Sometimes expectations for a job didn’t work. Maybe the career choice is incorrect or the position applied for was wrong. At this point, a career counselor helps to remove all negativity and encourages you to move forward with better plans.

You have a job, even doing great but still unsatisfied

Some people can learn new things very quickly and, that ability help them to perform well at any task. But definitely, this is not their dream job. Every job has a high and low point, but it is important to see yourself as consistent, at least for 10 years. With the help of proper guidance, you find the right job which suited you perfectly.

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You are in a bad job and, you can’t escape from

There is no point to stick to a job that doesn’t make you happy and there is no bright future. You can force yourself 1-2 months or probably a year, but ultimately have to leave. If you continue with that kind of job, it leads to stress and affects your mental health. Don’t suffer, be proactive. A career counselor provides you the right support to get your ideal workplace.

You are talented, but lack focus

Career counselors help you to choose a career that matches your creativity and talent. Also, help focus on one thing and set your goal under the right guidance and support.

: By- Sananda Kumari

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