Career shift from computer science to the field of law

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When it’s about career every field of knowledge gives you a package of advantages and disadvantages. As we see the field of computer science and the field of law are totally different. When it’s about computer science the field involves mainly two branches of hardware and software. And the field of law allows you to learn about the constitution of the country and let you fight for the right. Where in the computer science field it allows you to work basis job hours 9-5, but nowadays in India the job opportunities for engineers are very less and the computer science field basically involves engineering graduates. Government jobs for computer science students are very less compare to law students. If you want to change your career field from computer science to law then it’s not a bad idea it’s just you have to study more but working hard will give you a good life too.

Following are some tips for making a career change from computer science to law:

Degree in law

Degree In Law

Many students with computer science degrees think that it is enough to have recruiters falling at their feet but they are wrong, good job opportunities in computer science requires higher studies which may delay your earning process because higher studies take time and other hand degrees in law will allow you to have a good job at starting. Law has got better placements in India as compared to engineering (computer science) because India has a lot of computer graduates who are not placed because of a lack of jobs.

Job opportunities for legal professionals

Job Opportunities For Legal Professionals

There are several advantages of a legal professional. Students from top law schools don’t need to go for job hunting. Because appropriate opportunities come looking for them. Law school graduates now earn the salaries that are best offered in top business and engineering colleges.

Advantages of legal professionals in law

Advantages Of Legal Professionals In Law

The demand for legal professionals is constant and that does not depend much on the economy. Law offers job stability. Where the computer science field is comparatively weak because the demand for computer science graduates is based on the economy and does not always give job stability until and unless it is a government job. Legal professionals are very well paid in the grand scheme of careers; this is a very attractive feature of this profession.

Growth in the structure of law

Growth In The Structure Of Law

Law has lots of opportunities to grow, the career in law is structured, there is so much room to grow if you are willing hard to work and commit to your profession. Working in law also comes with a sense of duty and responsibility. The legal profession has been there since long in history, it is a very sophisticated profession and comes with a lot of respect since history and plays a very important role in history. That is a very attractive factor of this profession if you are willing to change your career you should totally look at all the advantages of the legal profession.

Growth in knowledge from computer science to law

Growth In Knowledge From Computer Science To Law (1)

As the two fields (computer science and law) are totally different, you have to totally change your way of thinking if you are willing to go into the field of law. Everything will be changed inside out of the professions because these two professions are so different that nothing comes common here. If you want to go to law your thinking power should be strong. Your knowledge must be very high about everything and mostly law student spent their time reading books. There is big competition in this field too. This field will help you grow a lot in terms of knowledge as well as inhuman qualities with great job opportunities.

Impact of technologies on particular areas of law

Impact Of Technologies On Particular Areas Of Law

Ahold of the ways in which technology is changing the process of being a lawyer, including career structures, business models and legal practice. An understanding of the ways in which law has an impact on software development. An awareness of the ethical issues surrounding software development and how these can best be handled through both law and computer science. An understanding of the impact of technology on particular areas of black letter law and the need for joint solutions to the challenges that arise as a result. Improved presentation, writing, and critical skills.

Expert in marketing

Expert In Marketing


So if you have decided to make a career change and go to the law side you have to become an expert in marketing in order to get yourself in the target program. This career is all about how you are going to make your argument. It is totally fine if you are thinking to make a career change, it’s just you have to mold yourself according to the field you are going into. Starting a new thing may feel like being thrown in the deep end but go for it especially if it’s something you are passionate about or if you are choosing it for yourself. Think positive, it’s for sure going to be a great experience.

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