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The first feeling of maturity, the first feeling of responsibility, the first feeling of academic development. Class 10 indeed marks too many firsts in a student’s life. The pressure of the first board examination and the pressure of choosing what you’ll be categorizing your future into. Class 10 is indeed the first important exam in our life and the first step towards maturity both mental and academic. Class 10 marks it all, the beginning of things getting serious.

A student starts his school life in a rather carefree way and things start getting a little difficult as soon as class 8 occurs. The subject science gets divided into complicated machines, diverse organs and multi shaped test tubes, students do try their best to keep up. Tuitions happen, the innocent carefree part of our lives start to become vague. We become serious; we enter the games of comparison.

As we keep on going through classes 8 and 9, our surroundings show a steep change too. Marks start to matter on a serious note, class ranks, practical sheets, viva sessions and report cards start shaping our lives, start marking our qualities. Things start to get all too serious. But it will be an understatement to say that the journey till class 10 is easy in any way. Most of us struggle with subjects which are not exactly our fort.

Therefore the journey marks our future. the time, the journey till class 10 is the period of great realization. We cover all the subjects, try our best to perform up to the mark and perhaps better than the rest in each and every subject.


 But in the process, we do realize something, something very important. By class 9 we do conclude about our weak subjects. Some of us struggle with the dates of history, some of us struggle with the formulas of organic chemistry. Some lose their minds figuring out the different types of bones and some are driven to tears finding out the value of cos. We all fight, we all give our best but somehow, we always lose somewhere. This makes us realize what are we good at, what awakens the passion, the bottle of dreams inside us, is it the ancient figurines or the slimy lab specimens, we figure it out and finally we prepare ourselves to move forward.

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As class 10 happens, we all make up our minds, we all build up our dreams, we all choose our future battlefields. We all realize its time to grow up, its time to grow better. For the last time we give it our all, the first public board exam of our life where the world will be our stage. There will be no class toppers to compare with, there will be several school toppers. That’s when we realize the gravity, the pressure of performance. The board results determine the quality of senior education we can achieve, and we set out to choose the perfect higher secondary school which can finally shape our aspirations.

Some students select the science streams either dealing with difficult sums and physics laws while others explore the living organs and the chemical compounds. Some choose the stream of commerce to develop their career in finance or give wings to their entrepreneurial dreams. While other select to indulge in the sophistication of arts, spending their lives discovering the roots of the past and the shapes of the society, the economic structure of the country and the features of the land. At the end of the day we all grow up, we all start the real battle, the battle of life.

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By: Srija Dutta

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So this is the end of the post All the things learned in the Class – 10. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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