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After completing the 10th grade, termed as the first important step towards your career, the biggest worry for a student and their parents is to choose the right stream in 11th grade as it will the basis of your career because 11th and 12th are considered as the base year which stream is easy in class 11. In the 11th stream, we have a chance to choose from mainly three streams; science, commerce, and arts. There is a lot of confusion about selecting the right stream. Let’s have a closer Which Stream To Choose in Class 11th.


The Science stream can be broadly classified into three types, PCM (physics, chemistry, and mathematics), PCB (physics, chemistry, biology), and PCMB (physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology) . PCM stream is for those students who are not interested in biology and more in the technical field. PCB is for the students interested in biology and has a hard time understanding maths and PCMB is a combination for students who love maths as well as biology, this category is opted by fewer students as maths and biology both are equally demanding and require a lot of effort to take admission which stream is easy in class 11. All these three combinations are provided along with a language and an extra subject that varies from school to school, one popular combination is PCME (physics, chemistry, maths, and economics) and PCMC (physics, chemistry, mathematics, and computer science.

The Science stream is considered the most difficult stream maybe because all the core subjects are equally important and require the same kind of practice and attention . There is also a misconception that only toppers or students who have secured more than 90% in boards can successfully clear the science stream but it is not true, it is all about your hard work and interest in the subject, anyone willing to study science and put in efforts can definitely secure a future in this field here is an article on which stream is easy in class 11.


The Science stream is termed the most flexible and versatile stream. The reason is that you can easily switch to any other field or stream during graduation without deduction in your percentage . Secondly, the most popular careers i.e. of a doctor and an engineer can only be pursued when you have completed your high school from a science background. Other than that you get an amazing chance to apply for NDA (National Defence Academy) if you had science as your stream in +2. If you want to go for basic graduation you have plenty of courses to choose from like BSc Honours in physics, chemistry, biology, applied science, and many more provided by reputed universities like the University of Delhi. Being a student studying science you can also join independent laboratories to conduct researches and publish your research paper .


This is the most loved stream among students, maybe due to its very practical nature. The Commerce field can also be broadly classified into two parts i.e. with mathematics and without mathematics . When opted for commerce stream with mathematics, you get maths as one of your core subjects other than accounts and business studies . For without maths stream you can get any other subject as core in place of maths along with accounts and business studies. The without maths commerce stream is good for students who do not have a very good relation with maths but you still have to be in touch of basic maths for the subjects like accounts and economics .


The Commerce stream also has a wide range of career options . The most famous career option for commerce students is Charter Accountant (commonly known as CA), which is counted in the list of most difficult examinations in India. Other than CA you can also go for Company Secretary (commonly known as CS), CA position is more into accounting and thus in contact with mathematics and the CS profile is more related to business studies so in lesser contact with mathematics . Other than these two major options you can also go for graduation; B.Com or B.Com Honours. If you have statistics as one of the subjects in your graduation then you can also go for government exams like Indian Statistical Services and Indian Finance Services, if you have economics then you can also try for Indian Economic Services and many more such government options. So, from a commerce background, you not only have options in the private sector you can also have a variety of options in the public sector .


The arts stream was the least liked stream, like people used to judge you that if you are studying arts then definitely you must have got low scores in 10th boards. But this perception is totally wrong and thankfully it’s changing now and all the streams are given equal importance . The students who hate mathematics and love studying history are a perfect match for the arts stream. You should never go for arts stream if you did not like Social Science subject in your lower classes as it is the extension of that subject only.

When you are going to opt for the arts stream you must keep in mind that you will have to learn and write a lot because arts core subjects are mainly history, political science, and geography . So as compared to science and commerce streams, this stream is more theoretical than practical.


The students who have opted for arts as a stream in their high school generally aim to get government jobs i.e. jobs in the public sector, so they prepare for examinations like SSC and UPSC, these are national-level examinations for job allotment under state and central government which stream is easy in class 11. Other than that you have an option to pursue graduation in history, political science, geography, economics, or English. These courses are offered as normal and honors by many different universities. Arts field jobs are mainly concentrated in the public sector rather than the private sector which stream is easy in class 11.


The STREAM SELECTOR™ TEST is an assessment tool used to help students in India determine their ideal academic stream (or “stream of study”) for classes 11 and 12 based on their interests, skills, and abilities. The acronym STREAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, which are the five main streams of study available to students in India after class 10. The STREAM SELECTOR™ TEST is designed to help students make an informed decision about which stream to choose, taking into account their personal strengths and preferences which stream is easy in class 11. The assessment typically involves a series of questions and exercises designed to evaluate the student’s abilities and interests in different subject areas, as well as their career goals and aspirations. The test is commonly administered by career guidance counselors or educational institutions in India, and is often available online as well. By taking the STREAM SELECTOR™ TEST, students can gain insights into their own strengths and interests, and make more informed decisions about their academic and career paths

Q.What is the Stream Selector Test by CareerGuide? 

The Stream Selector Test by CareerGuide is an assessment designed to help students determine their most suitable academic stream or career path. It is an online test that evaluates various factors such as interests, aptitudes, personality traits, and preferences to suggest the most compatible streams or career options.

Q.How does the Stream Selector Test work? 

The Stream Selector Test typically consists of a series of multiple-choice questions that cover different aspects of a student’s personality, interests, strengths, and goals. The test analyzes the responses and compares them with predefined parameters associated with various academic streams or career fields. Based on the analysis, the test generates recommendations regarding the most suitable streams or careers for the individual.

Q.Who can take the Stream Selector Test? 

The Stream Selector Test is designed for students who are in the process of choosing an academic stream after completing their school education or those who are exploring potential career options. It can be taken by students at various educational levels, including high school, college, and university.

Q.How can I take the Stream Selector Test?

To take the Stream Selector Test by CareerGuide, you need to visit the CareerGuide website or platform where the test is available. You may be required to create an account or provide some basic information before proceeding with the assessment. Follow the instructions provided on the platform to complete the test.


I think I have given a fair explanation about all the three streams and career options available along with them. Each stream is equally important and requires the same attention and efforts but the key to choosing the right stream is always your interest.

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