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Education is of utmost importance in the life of an individual. It is said that the period during which an individual receives an education is considered the best period of his life. It is usually after class 10th that a student remains often a little confused as he/ she needs to pick up a particular stream to go further which is often confusing. This article presents some Do’s and Don’ts while choosing a stream after class 10th.


Be Self-aware

It is very important to be self-aware of one’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests.  Detailed self-analysis is really important in order to choose the right subject. For example – If a student is weak in mathematics the concerned stream would cause him much problem in class 11th as well as in class 12th. Therefore it is really important to be aware of your own strengths, weaknesses, and interests.

Gather information about various streams

It is very important to gather information about the various subjects or the streams. Every detail including syllabus, difficulty level, marks distribution, trend analysis should be thoroughly searched. Apart from this, various career options available from a particular stream should be searched along with the employment status, salary, and scope.

Take help of educational counselors

At times, there comes a period where the students are not able to decide which career option to go for. They don’t understand which stream would help them pursue their dreams. In such cases, one could take the help of an educational or a career counselor. Educational counselors basically try to give the best advice for careers after completely analyzing the interests, hobbies, strengths, and weaknesses of a student.

Why should I seek help from an educational counselor?

Educational counselors have in-depth knowledge and expertise in various fields of education. They can provide valuable insights, information, and guidance tailored to your specific needs and goals. They can help you explore educational options, navigate the application process, and make well-informed decisions.

When should I consult an educational counselor?

You can consult an educational counselor at various stages of your educational journey. It can be helpful when choosing a college or university, selecting a major or program of study, exploring career options, seeking advice on study abroad opportunities, or when you’re feeling confused or overwhelmed about your educational or career path.

How can an educational counselor help me choose the right career?

Educational counselors use various assessment tools, interviews, and discussions to understand your interests, strengths, and goals. They can provide career assessments, information about different career paths, job market trends, and help you explore the compatibility of your interests and skills with different professions.

Can an educational counselor help with college admissions?

Yes, educational counselors can assist you with the college admissions process. They can help you identify suitable colleges or universities based on your preferences, review and refine your application materials, provide guidance on writing personal statements, and help you prepare for interviews or entrance exams.

Take help from parents and friends

One can seek guidance from the people they trust upon. They can be friends, relatives, parents so that the students can clarify their doubts. Parents always choose the best for their children as they have known their child since childhood and know their strengths and weaknesses. However, along with the guidance of the parents, the student should himself be confident of the particular stream he/she is going to opt for as interest does matter.


Not to follow the crowd

It is often seen that the students get influenced by the herd mentality while choosing their respective streams. If one of their friends is going for Science, the student goes for it as well. This is a completely wrong notion to follow as the interests and strengths of different students vary. Some are good in Science so some in Humanities . Therefore one should try to carve out their own hidden potentials and not follow the crowd while choosing the streams.

Do not let the marks decide your future

It is often seen that the students get demotivated by the marks they obtain and under peer pressure change their stream. It is often seen in a society that if a student scored 90%, people day you should go for Science and if below that then one should go for Commerce or Humanities. This is a completely wrong notion. Students should never let their marks decide their future. The selection of the stream should be purely based on one’s interest. The orthodox mentality of relating good marks with Science and average marks with Humanities is completely wrong. Whatever be the marks a student secures, it doesn’t matter. If science is good for an average student then he/she should go for it. The marks are just an assessment of our educational performance. They should never be considered parameters of choosing a subject or stream.

Do not panic

It is often seen that the students tend to be really confused after passing Class 10th. Students do panic sometimes because suddenly a vast syllabus is in front of them. Therefore it is very necessary for the students to stay calm and composed and do not panic. Unnecessarily stressing over various things gives no benefit rather than disturbing the peace of mind. 

Do not get confused by too many options

It is often seen that the students do get confused as they have a lot of options to go for. A number of subjects are available both in CBSE and various state boards to opt for after the class 10th. The list includes Biology, Mathematics, Humanities, Commerce, and so on. The students should decide the stream only after thoroughly understanding the subjects and their career scopes. It is very well said that – “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” Therefore, one should be clear regarding all the aspects of a particular subject.


Stream Selector™ is a test designed to help students choose their academic stream for higher education based on their interests, abilities, and personality. The test assesses students’ aptitude in various areas such as science, commerce, humanities, and engineering,, and helps them identify the academic stream that best aligns with their strengths and preferences. The Stream Selector™ test is typically conducted online, and it consists of multiple-choice questions designed to gauge the student’s abilities and interests. The questions are designed to be easy to understand and cover a broad range of topics such as logical reasoning, numerical ability, verbal ability, and spatial reasoning. The test is usually timed, and students are given a specific time to answer all the questions. Once the test is completed, the results are analyzed, and a report is generated. The report provides a detailed analysis of the student’s aptitude, interests, and personality and suggests the most suitable academic stream for the student. The report also includes information on the various career options available in the suggested stream and provides guidance on how to pursue higher education in the recommended field. Visit careerguide.com now

Q.What is the Stream Selector Test by CareerGuide?

A.The Stream Selector Test by CareerGuide is an assessment designed to help students determine their most suitable academic stream or career path. It is an online test that evaluates various factors such as interests, aptitudes, personality traits, and preferences to suggest the most compatible streams or career options.

Q.How does the Stream Selector Test work? 

A.The Stream Selector Test typically consists of a series of multiple-choice questions that cover different aspects of a student’s personality, interests, strengths, and goals. The test analyzes the responses and compares them with predefined parameters associated with various academic streams or career fields. Based on the analysis, the test generates recommendations regarding the most suitable streams or careers for the individual.

Q.Who can take the Stream Selector Test? 

A.The Stream Selector Test is designed for students who are in the process of choosing an academic stream after completing their school education or those who are exploring potential career options. It can be taken by students at various educational levels, including high school, college, and university.

Q.How can I take the Stream Selector Test? 

A.To take the Stream Selector Test by CareerGuide, you need to visit the CareerGuide website or platform where the test is available. You may be required to create an account or provide some basic information before proceeding with the assessment. Follow the instructions provided on the platform to complete the test.

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