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Choosing a career is the most important decision we have to make in our life. Your whole life depends on how you start your career. Hence you must do Career Planning before you take any decisions related to your career.

Whether it’s selecting a stream after class 10th examination, choosing which course to apply for after 12th or appointment of candidates for a particular job role, one must take an aptitude test to know your skills, interest and personality.

Confused about your career? Career choice can be tough, but an aptitude test by a Career Counsellor can help you make the perfect career choice.

What is Aptitude Test?

An Aptitude Test is a systematic means of assessing a candidate’s abilities to perform a specific task. It is crucial as it targets logical reasoning with the help of verbal, numerical, abstract reasoning.

An Aptitude Test calculates your strengths and weaknesses to determine the abilities required to make decisions related to your career. Aptitude tests can be held in school examinations and also used as part of a pre-employment assessment.

Aptitude assessment can help you with the right career guidance. A career counsellor may administer you a multi-aptitude career test to identify the abilities and subsequent occupations that require skills and abilities similar to yours.

Benefits of Aptitude Test

1. Perfect choice when you are unsure about your future

Whether you are a student or professional, if you are unsure about your future or present career options then you must opt for Aptitude tests. Aptitude tests help you to analyse your skills and interests and determine job opportunities that are perfectly suited for you.

2. Better knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses

An aptitude test helps you to understand yourself better. They are structured to identify your strengths and weaknesses and gives you a better insight into your personality. You can improve your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths. An aptitude test is very much needed for your personal development, and you might also discover your hidden talents.

3. Difference between Interest and Aptitude

There are people who select their career based on their interests. Interest and aptitude are not the same. Just because you have an interest in a particular field doesn’t necessarily mean you have the required aptitude or potential for the same. In order to truly enjoy your work, you must find a career that combines both your interest and aptitude.

4. Increase your chances of Success

Once you know your interest, skills and aptitude you can easily make decisions that will lead you to the path of success. You can also develop the necessary skills that are needed for the job. Working with complete potential and skills will increase your chances of success at your desired job or career.

5. Pre-employment Assessment

Recruiters use aptitude test to measure the aptitude of the candidates whether they are suitable for the job role and they have the skills and aptitude required to perform the necessary operations. It helps the employer to hire the right applicant for the right job.

Aptitude based Assessment includes:

  • Verbal Ability – Verbal Ability is termed as the capacity of an individual to communicate his ideas using words in a manner that is clearly understandable to all. Verbal ability is the basic requirement for job seekers. Strong verbal skills will help you increase your confidence and hone your communication skills.
  • Numerical ability –Numerical ability evaluates how good a person is at handling numbers. It demonstrates your ability to deal with numbers quickly and accurately. This also measures how well an individual can perform under pressure.
  • Clerical ability – Clerical ability measures how quickly and accurately an individual can work in administrative roles. This section includes verbal reasoning, basic numeracy, error checking proficiency and situational judgement tests.

  • Spatial ability –Spatial ability is the potential to comprehend, reason, and remember the spatial relations among object or space. In simpler terms, spatial ability demonstrates the potential to generate, retain, retrieve, and transform well-structured visual images.
  • Psychomotor ability – Psychomotor ability assesses the individual’s ability to anticipate instructions and perform motor responses often including measurement of the speed of the reaction. It measures the speed and accuracy with which an individual can carry out a specific task.
  • Mechanical ability–Mechanical ability is an individual’s ability to figure out how objects work and move, alone and in relation to other objects. It measures your capacity and helps to understand and apply mechanical principles to solve problems.
  • Reasoning ability–Reasoning ability to evaluate skills of an individual to interpret patterns, number sequence, the relationship between shapes etc. Reasoning ability depends on several parameters like critical thinking abilities, experience and emotions.


One must understand the importance of an aptitude test and select a career that suits your interest as well as the potential to taste success. Aptitude tests are easy and don’t require much preparation. An aptitude test can be held prior to an interview or online in the comfort of your own home. An aptitude test will ensure that you grow and develop your ability through the right career path.

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