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When we think of choosing a career, it becomes very difficult for a student to make a choice that will yield life-long satisfaction. Making a career decision is not any simple task, it is a lifelong process, where the student needs to make every decision well. A novel way to effectively measure aptitude and personality, the commerce career selector test proves to be the most promising career selector tool.

Using analytical questions of objective form, clearly giving yes or no answers brings clarity in gauging a person’s abilities for a particular career. It helps a student understand his/her individual differences or their psychological abilities, which are not measurable by any other means. These abilities are Intelligence, Aptitude, Interest, Personality, Motivation, etc.

A commerce student is someone who can work in commerce as well as in the humanities sector. As a commerce student, people generally think about some of the very popular careers such as CA, CS, etc. they just tend to limit their choice to the popular careers. Many times people are unaware of the career that a commerce student can pursue as well as they are unaware of which career in commerce is best suitable to them as per their interest, ability, personality, and motivation.

A commerce career selector can be taken up by an 11th 12th as it will give them a better understanding of the choice of career they want to make and will help them to make informed decisions after their school gets over. Similarly, this test can be taken up by B.com students to help them understand which field is best suitable for them and how they should proceed ahead in their career. This test will help the person to choose the best career option for them and will provide all the possible options in both financial as well as in financial domain which a person can choose from.

commerce career selector test

Benefits Commerce Career selector Test

Commerce Career selector test is taken up by the students who are pursuing commerce and want to know which career in commerce is best suitable for them. There are several benefits of taking up this test by the students and they are as follows:

1. This report shares brief knowledge about all available Commerce Careers both in the financial and non-financial domain.

2. This Psychometric test Report has been scientifically designed and formulated by utilizing reliable and valid measures for accurate test results customized uniquely for each one of you.

B.Com? CA? CS? Law? Journalism?

Are These thoughts on your mind too?  Take career Selector Test

3. This report is very comprehensive, lucid, and easy to understand and the results are displayed in Graphical forms.

4. This Report will provide you with an answer to which career op-on of commerce you should opt for.

5. This report helps in matching your activity choices, Presence of mind, specific real-life work situations choice, and atypical personality/ image required as per different professional careers of commerce.

Thus, it is recommended for the commerce student to take up this test.

commerce career selector test, psychometric test, commerce career

When to Take the Commerce Career Selector Test

The commerce career selector test is made for the students of class 11th, class 12th and those pursuing or graduated in B.com. If you are in class 10th, you are first required to take stream selector test as after 10th standard the child is expected to take up a stream i.e. science, commerce, and humanities. Only after the student decides from the psychometric test that which stream is best suitable for them based on their interest, aptitude, and personality, they should make a decision.

If there exists no discrepancy between the choice the student has made and the stream they are opting for, then they can go ahead with the commerce career selector test even in class 10th. But, if there lies any sort of discrepancy then there is no use in taking up the test in the 10th standard. A class 10th students should always be asked to take the stream selector test before taking any other test and if things are working well then the student can definitely opt for the test in 10th standard as well just to prepare things well.

commerce career

How to Utilize the Test in the Best Possible Way

From my personal experiences in India and abroad, the best utilization of a commerce career selector test is easy to achieve and very much possible. Having said that, you should also remember that the role of a psychometric test is to assist with choosing an appropriate career. It does not work like an independent machine with a secret formula. It will try to capture the thoughts and experiences you have gained through discussions, effort, and practice.

Discussion with parents, personal commitment to making efforts, and gentle interrogation for reality-check by a trusted Counselor are critical aspects that must accompany psychometric testing for maximizing its effectiveness. Expecting a psychometric test to function like an answering machine is an unreasonable assumption. 

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So this is the end of the post Commerce Career Selector Test: Choose the Right Career. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.