10 Common Questions Asked In Teacher Interview

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In this fast-developing and changing age, India too is developing and educating itself. There has been an increase in the student population which directly creates vacancies for teacher jobs. The teacher job interviews have started to ask more engaging and philosophical questions. Here is an article on 10 Common Questions Asked In Teacher Interview .

Candidates going for Teacher interview questions really need to give a thought about their teaching philosophies and methodologies. Let’s look at some of the important questions that you might be asked in a Teacher interview. Know more about our services for working professionals .


Tell Me Something About Yourself?

This is a very generic starter question and is common in all interviews. The importance of this question is to judge your communication skills and how you present yourself to others. It is always healthy to use this opportunity to express your love of teaching. You can also add your achievements in the field and your experience in it. You can also share your interest in which subject you would like to teach and how you found it.

Why Teaching?

This is a very important question as it defines you and your passion for teaching. It is an emotional question and if you indulge an emotional question with a relatable story, it will be highly appreciated. You can talk about your learning years and how your teachers influenced you. Further, you can talk about your idle, whose steps you want to follow to become a successful teacher.

What Are Your Teaching Philosophies?

This question defines your teaching methodologies, so you should sure to get it right. You can talk about your methods of engaging your students in classroom activities, how important a student-teacher relationship is to you. You can bring up past experiences where your methodologies helped a student in their life. Apart from the above, you should talk about your passion for the profession.

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How Will You Incorporate Technology Into Your Classroom?

This question is asked solely to check whether you are up-to-date with the latest technological advancements related to teaching methods. You can talk about the usage of the visual mediums in order to better explain students or other platforms to make your teachings more accessible.

How To Differentiate Instructions For A Diverse Class Of Learners?

Every child learns at a different speed and no one can change it no matter how hard you try. While answering this question the point to remember is to accept that you have students with diverse learning rates and that various forms of assessment might help everyone.

How Will You Manage Student Behavior In Your Classroom?

While answering this question, you should keep in mind that you should not sound too aggressive while answering it. You can relate it to your earlier experience.

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What Steps Would You Take To Prevent Bullying In Your Classroom?

You can talk about how the students should be aware of these subjects and their ill effects. You can further add saying that you can intervene early in order to prevent it. Paying attention to what happens in the classroom can make a lot of change. Know more about CAREER & JOB SWITCH GUIDANCE.

How Will You Build A Teacher-Parent Relationship?

Here again, you need to showcase your communication skills and talk about how frequent interactions with the student’s parents can help a lot. It helps a teacher understand the students better.

What Do You Find As The Most Frustrating Part Of This Job?

Through this question the interviewer wants to see your weakness and how do you react in those situations. The important point is not to avoid this question but to honestly talk about a personal experience that later resulted in something positive. Showing the interviewer that in the time of discomfort you showed resilience and compassion towards your students, they will be impressed.

Will You Offer Your Help To Your Students Apart From The Academic One?

This question gives you an opportunity to show how you care about your students. You can talk about how much a student means to you and that you an equal share in their success and failure. Since this is again an emotional question you can talk about past experiences and how you helped your student to overcome difficulties he was facing at his house.

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There can be a lot more questions that the interviewer might ask you but these are the ones that truly showcase your philosophy, your passion for the profession, etc. The interviews will ask you technical questions related to your qualifications and choice of subject. The reason why I didn’t include them in this list is anyone with the same qualification can answer those questions but you really need to love teaching in order to answer the above ones. So do not worry too much, be confident about yourself and in your passion, and always remember you are going to shape the future.


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