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Recession is a term we see getting used everywhere like in social media and newspapers. It basically means that there is a general decline in economic activity which can be due to multiple reasons. It is mostly happening because of the technology that is surrounding us like the introduction of AI or artificial intelligence which is making our lives easier day by day which leads to people having fewer jobs. But even if people have jobs they tend to do things which lead to them getting fired for some issues at work. Here we will discuss 10 common reasons why people get fired from their jobs:

1. Poor performance

This is the most important reason to know that the people who are incompetent, miss their deadlines and have lack of urgency and commitment to work are more likely to get fired easily because it is the first thing the higher-ups or the HOD of your companies look for in an intern (whether they are versatile or not). Versatility is the key to work in any company. Taking too many unnecessary sick leaves can get employees fired.

2. Dishonesty

People who are dishonest at their work by using unethical ways to do the job like stealing others’ personal or professional information integrity issues at work, theft, inappropriate behavior, submission of fake pharmacy and travel bills have no place in a company. Even taking the occasional paper clip or pen, or using the copy machine to make personal copies is an act of theft. It can lead to the person getting a huge amount of fine or an FIR against the person or both. A person with any type of criminal record is not hired in most companies so one has to be careful before involving in this kind of illegal thing just to get more money than others.

3. Non-compliance

Not complying with company policies, insubordination-disobeying leadership, and management orders, getting into unnecessary office politics and gossiping which leads to fake rumors about the company which in turn puts the company’s reputation at stake is a huge risk and no one should get involved in these types of gossips. Doing drugs or drinking on the job hardly qualifies as having bad manners, the effects of drinking can cause someone to misbehave which can lead to the person being fired.

4. Workplace issues

Poor attendance and taking too many leaves, bringing too many personal issues at work, sleeping at work is a big issue which most HR managers and hiring managers cannot tolerate. Most of the companies fail due to tardiness in their companies. Employees who don’t get along with others or who get along so well that they wind up in an inappropriate relationship may find themselves fired. Employees who are poor team players, date and break up with the boss or sexually harass coworkers are just a pink slip away from losing their jobs.

5. Personality issues

People with a slight issue with their communication skills can be taught over time but people who have a major issue with their communication cannot work for big MNCs as it requires excellent communication skills and one should know languages more than one. Not able to get along with co-workers, not flexible with working hours can also be a major issue for other employees which can lead to the firing of the person(s).

6. Wrong hire

Hiring decision was not accurate, fake/impersonation case, not aligned to the roles and responsibilities required for the job, redundancy is also some of the factors of people getting fired.

7. Business

Sluggish business growth, budgetary cuts can lead to people getting fired even if they did not do anything wrong. Sometimes when certain companies go through losses they cannot afford to pay everyone so they fire the people based on the contribution towards their company. For e.g.; if a person did not contribute the required amount to the company’s chances are, they can get fired easily.

8. Outsourcing

Job was outsourced, automation which leads to a lesser number of people required in the company. Some employees do not complete the tasks they are given and always rely on the help of others to complete the task they were given on an important project which is a very common reason for people getting fired.

9. Causing damage

Damaging the reputation of the organization by spreading false rumors which also damages the relationship the company has with its clients is not tolerated in any company. Property damage in a company is a serious offense that cannot be neglected and if it harms other employees they must be dismissed and accompanied off the grounds immediately.

10. Running personal business

Using company property for personal business, conducting a side business and taking too many personal calls while at work, dual employment is not acceptable in most companies which can lead to the person getting fired.

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So this is the end of the post 10 common Reasons why People Get Fired. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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