10 LinkedIn Profile Rules You Might Be Breaking

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In today’s world, where there are many social networks available to connect with people anywhere in the world, LinkedIn still stands apart from all. LinkedIn profile is well-known for its professionalism in helping everyone to connect with professionals in various fields. From students to employees to the CEO of the company, it helps create a network for all where they can get to know each other better and help each other out with distinct interests. Here is an article on 10 LinkedIn Profile Rules You Might Be Breaking

Despite many rules that we have to follow while being on that network, there are still some rules and etiquette that we forget about totally and end up being rejected or banned. Below you will read 10 LinkedIn rules you might be breaking without even knowing about it. So let us help you out by giving a brief about simple and basic LinkedIn profile rules which you might need to keep in mind before getting involved on LinkedIn.  Know More Details on Services For Working Professionals.

Connect As Soon As Possible

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As it seems creepy to send a friend request on Facebook right after you’ve met the person, a LinkedIn profile works in a totally different way. As soon as you’ve met someone at some conference, seminar, or workplace, send them the connection request right away. If you’ll leave it for some other day then it might be possible that the other person might not remember you properly and there’s a high chance of getting rejected. So it is always preferable to connect with people as soon as possible so they still remember you and gets connected with you.

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Do Not Push Your Connections

Once you’ve sent the connection request to someone, it is always preferred to wait patiently for them to accept your request when they get time or when they scroll through their request section. You should not poke them, again and again, to get connected with you. This seems unprofessional and makes your chances less to get connect with that person. Canceling requests and sending them again is not an option after all LinkedIn has its own policy where they remind the person on a fixed period about their pending requests.

Always Check The Contact Policy Of The Connection

This is a very basic and important rule of LinkedIn. Many people have specifically mentioned their contact policy very clearly in their profiles. Some want to get connected only through LinkedIn. Some only prefer e-mails over messages on LinkedIn. Some don’t want to get connect with strangers. So it is mandatory to first look at the profile of the person with whom you want to connect before approaching them in any way.

Never Try To Ignore Recruiters Request Even If You’re Employed

The job opportunities are immense on LinkedIn. You’ll always find someone looking for your LinkedIn profile as an employee. So even if you’re employed, keep this opportunity always open. Even you’re sure that you’re not going to leave your job for the next multiple years, even in that case do not ignore recruiters’ requests or messages. Because you never know what is going to happen at the next moment in your life, so you should always be ready for the next step. Reply to them with a polite message thanking them for the opportunity and telling them about your current position and give them the assurance that you’ll surely contact them if in any case, you go out looking for a job.

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Do Not Hurry To Connect With Hiring Managers

As you must feel to connect with the hiring managers as soon as you’ve met them in an interview or somewhere else, we request you to do not. As asked by many hiring managers, they feel like the person is trying to make extra efforts and putting a cart before the horse. They do not want unnecessary connections in their profiles who they don’t even know properly. The continuous attempt to poke the hiring managers on LinkedIn could land you on a disapproved list.

Do Not Be So Impatient While Posting

As on other social platforms, you post many relevant and irrelevant things, but not in the case of LinkedIn. Here you have to be very precise about what you’re posting on your handle. Every post, blog, article, or advertisement you post should not annoy anyone in your profile. Being a superuser doesn’t work on LinkedIn. Many users don’t like their profile to be loaded up with irrelevant posts and blogs from the same person again and again, so they end up blocking that person. So don’t be much of a superuser here, instead stay on point and post only when it is necessary. Know More Details on Job Switch and Guidance.

Never Appreciate Anyone For Irrelevant Reasons

There are many people on LinkedIn who ask for a recommendation and asks you to appreciate them on their profile. Do this only when you know that person closely or have worked with them earlier. Do not appreciate the person who you know is not honest about his/her work and just want to get a job or to connect with someone on an unfair basis. Just be clear about your views and tell them that you’re not the right person for this or you can simply ignore the request. This could really help you with your credibility.

Turn Off Your Activity While Updating Your Profile

As you’re updating your profile on LinkedIn, it is preferable to turn off your activity notification to not annoy everyone in your profile with the bundles of notifications about you update your profile. It is quite easy to do that. Just go to the privacy settings page and click on ‘Turn off activity broadcasts. Simple as that. Go update your profile now.

Always Appreciate The Ones Who Recommend You

As you’re also on LinkedIn and want someone to recommend you for a job or an open opportunity. And when they do that, always appreciate them with a grateful message thanking them for taking out the time from their precious schedule and write about you so that you can get a better option for a job. Give your sincere thanks to those precious souls.

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Do Not Hop Everywhere For Recommendations

 When the recruiters start asking for recommendations and you boost your speed up to get as many recommendations as possible, this is where you get rejected most often. As the recruiter sees that almost every recommendation has the same date or almost near dates, they start to think that you have made effort only at the last moment and drops your name off the list. And this is what you, of course, do not want. So it is preferred to build a single recommendation in a month for better credibility and organic work.

LinkedIn is a very useful platform for those who are seeking out opportunities and want to connect with professional people through social platforms. But if handled in the wrong way, it can create a totally different circumstance. Many people do not follow the basic rules and etiquette which have to be followed in order to pull out every benefit out of LinkedIn. Above provided rules will surely help you to stand out of many profiles on LinkedIn and get noticed by many recruiters or employers. LinkedIn can be used in many ways but if you follow these rules and add these to your general LinkedIn etiquette, you surely will be getting much benefit and resources out from LinkedIn.


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