10 Tips To Become A Full-Stack Developer

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To begin with, who is a full-stack developer(front end and back end developer)? The first step to becoming something is knowing what you are becoming so, why not break down the term and try to understand what it is? As the first half – “full” suggests complete or everything, in the context of software development, it includes activities starting from talking to the client and collecting the requirements to the front end design, back end development, and its maintenance thereafter. Furthermore, “stack” in engineering terms means a set of subsystems or components needed to create a complete platform like a website or an application. Here is an article on 10 Tips To Become A Full-Stack Developer

Hence, a full-stack developer is a person in the IT industry who is responsible for everything starting from the look and feel of the platform to where the data will be stored and how it will be processed. There is no doubt in saying that it is a highly paid and respected job since it involves a high level of problem-solving skills, experience, and knowledge. Many graduates aspire to become a full-stack developer (front end and back end) without knowing the right way and the complexities involved so here are a few tips to aid the process. Know More Details on Services For Working Professionals

Patience And Hard-Work

Fear from Monday work

Becoming a full-stack developer is something that can not be accomplished overnight. It is a process that demands years of dedication and patient learning. In the initial years, every project or client might require you to learn everything from scratch as they might have completely new requirements. A full-stack developer is not expected to be an expert in all the programming languages, databases and other sub-modules but is expected to at least know the work-flow and have a basic idea of how it works. It is one of the career choices where every day is a new learning spree but, with years of experience one gets comfortable with various technologies and it all falls in place.

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Pick Your Niche

To begin the journey, pick what interests you. Not knowing where you want to reach is acceptable but, one needs to work on figuring out where to start. Identify which stack you want to start with and excel in based on the career goals and current market requirements. Some of the popular software stacks which are highly in demand these days are:

  1. LAMP stack which is an acronym for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP
  2. MERN stack which includes MongoDB, Express, React and Node.js
  3. MEAN stack consisting of MongoDB, Express, Angular.js, and Node.js

Jack Of All Trades But Master Of One

As established, being a full-stack developer is an on-going process and the learning never stops. Having said that, trying to master too much is itself a downfall. The effort should be focused on mastering one technology at a time and know it inside-out. Slowly and steadily as one gets exposed to different projects and requirements they will master the other technologies as well.

Learn Different Language

Every new project will bring new challenges. One needs to be proficient in multiple languages like JAVA, PHP, C#, PERL, Python to name a few as each language has its own pros and cons. Not only the engineer has to know the grammar of the language but also the design and implementation of it. You need to focus on what the requirement of the company is and what is good for achieving your career goal in general and start from there. For example, Javascript is a must-have for every developer as it can be used both in the front-end as well as in the back-end.

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Do Not Believe The Myths

Since it is the most sought-after work profile a techie dreams of, it naturally comes with a whole lot of myths surrounding it. What needs to be done in such situations is to completely ignore them and stay focused. One of the most bizarre myths is that a full-stack developer codes each and everything of the front end and back end of a project. Well, it is just not fair to expect that to happen right? A full-stack developer is comfortable working both in the front end as well as the back end and he might even want to code each and every line himself but there are other constraints that need to be kept in mind.

Time Management

One of the most important skills needed in any industry is time management skills. Talking in terms of the IT industry, each project comes with a specified deadline of its own, and failing to fulfill that has its own set of consequences. No matter how brilliant you are, if the deadlines are not met it hampers the growth. The easiest way to meet all the timelines is to have a design or a plan ready before beginning the work. All experienced developers know that investing a substantial amount of time in preparing a blueprint dramatically increases productivity and helps to achieve the goal efficiently.

Good Communication Skills

The power of good communication can not be emphasized enough. The first step in any development cycle is to know what is to be developed and what the outcome should be, in other words, the requirement collection phase. This involves a lot of communication between the clients and also within the team to understand and deliver the best. This skill is a must-have in any field of work. A good orator can be a good leader as well as a good team player. Polite and professional communication is respected and appreciated everywhere!

Creativity And Curiosity

Curiosity is the key to creativity and innovation. When you develop something it gives you the freedom to be creative and put it all out for the world to experience. Why not use that freedom? Each assignment is different from the other and it gives enough scope to expand your horizons and think out of the box to achieve the best possible results in an efficient way.

Practical Knowledge

Experience is one factor that can never be overlooked. One can study and learn a lot of things but to understand the practical implementation and the ground reality, one needs to take up real-time projects. Learning to pick up and use the sword is one thing but the battleground is an entirely different experience and it requires time. One should try to take up as many projects as possible and get exposed to different types of workflows and scenarios.

Online Courses And Certifications

In the initial stages of the career and even after that, it is of utmost importance to lay a technical foundation, strengthen core skills and keep learning from the real-time challenges. Online courses offer the best learning platform at your own comfort. Certification offers you the required proof and confidence to face the challenges head-on. Moreover, being a certified professional in the industry has its own perks in the pay-scale or on the opportunities coming your way. Taking up more and more courses introduces new technologies outside your scope of work and expertise which in turn helps ironing out and to boost your career as a full-stack developer.

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In conclusion, there is only one thing that can be said about being a full-stack developer – It is purely based on interest and choice. All lines of work have their own ups and downs, all industries have their own perks as well as shortcomings. It is left to us to chose wisely and fly high!

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