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We always think before going for the interview, what if the interviewer asks something in a job interview we are not able to answer. We are also nervous and somewhere become less confident. However, interviews are fun if you prepare for it and have the confidence to keep your points and true self. Remember, the interview is the first ladder to achieve your goals. If you do your best here and impress the interviewer then there is no looking back. To prepare for the job interview you have to know your job role and must look for the questions which can be asked so that you do not fumble between the interview and keep the spirit going.

Below are ten different job interview questions that are frequently asked by the manager to the candidate. So let’s get started:

1. Tell me about yourself

This is the most basic question which is asked in the interview and the best one where you can impress the interviewer. Also, people think this question is really simple as you only need to introduce yourself and tell about your life but it is not as simple as it looks. It is very important to understand that what you need to tell the interviewer which related to the interview process.

Firstly, make sure the answer is not too personal. Give just a little overview of what you have done in the past and what you are planning to do in the future. This may contain your work experience and what expectations you have further set for yourself. The introduction should grab all the attention in a way that the interviewer is impressed.

Secondly, the answer should compile why you are fit for the job and the best choice. Also, talk a little bit about your journey.

Make sure the answer should be excellent so that you can set a remark and the interviewer is impressed enough to engage in the interview.

2. What are your biggest weaknesses?

This question is really twisted and needs proper understanding. There are two points to not here. Firstly, the interviewer is asking for your weakness which can either create a negative or a positive impact. Directly referring your weakness without thinking can leave a wrong impression on the manager. However, there is a way you can answer this job interview question.

Be honest with your opinion so that the interviewer thinks that you are self-aware which is important to build your self. You can further go ahead and tell the interviewer how you were lacking in a certain thing which was considered as a weakness and how you have recently worked on it and turned it positive. This will make the interviewer think that you know the points where you lack but ki also try hard enough to overcome that and turn your weakness into strengths which is really important so fit job roles and show your efforts.

3. What are your biggest strengths?

People are always excited to answer this job interview question. Well we all are, we always want to keep our best side to impress the person. However, we should never rush to answer this job interview question. Always go with your talking something which makes you great and positive. Talk about quality rather than quantity. Make sure you give plenty of examples where you are can show your specialization and strengths. This can include how you are a good presenter or how you present yourself in a room of people. You can also go ahead and talk about the qualities which match the job role suitability. The interviewer should feel that you have all the qualities which requires in this position. This is the best time to impress!

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This is an exciting question where you can talk about your future goals and the expectations you have set from yourself. Before you answer this job interview question make sure you are seen clearly with your life and are honest. There are two ways you can answer this. When you are sure about the things you wish to achieve make sure that you answer in a way that it exhibit your different qualities like your positive outlook, ambitious attitude, what bars you have set for yourself and also the path you are setting to achieve that.

There is also another point here, sometimes you are not sure what will happen if you take this job and where it will take you. But it’s okay and you can be honest with your answer. Make sure you convince the interviewer that this job role will open many great paths for you and take you further in your life with something good. Always be relaxed and answer the question with ease. Make sure you set a comfortable level with the interviewer so that he/she can understand your point and see it in a positive way.

5. Why do you want this job?

When you apply for the position, make sure that you have studied and have a knowledge about it so that when the interviewer asks you about the job role, you can answer the question by relating to the information. This will show how serious and passionate you are for this position and are looking forward to work.

If you are not aware of the post, you will go black at a certain point of the interviewer which can give a point to the interview to reject you.

When you answer this job interview question, make sure you talk about how you love the position and how well you work on it and perform results. You should talk about how this job role is fit for you. Further, you can also relate this to your previous job role title and how this is better than it or how they relate. Relating this to your previous job title and the current interview job title will show that you are looking for the opportunity where you can grow and do something different.

You can also tell how you love this job role by giving certain examples.

6. Why do you want to leave your current job?

Now, this is the question where people mostly lack. This is critical but is for sure asked by the interviewer. The interviewer will test you here. Make sure the answer is positive and convincing enough. For example, you can tell how this position can better your life and fit the best for you. How you can grow and get new opportunities. You always leave the previous job for a reason. Make sure you put that incorrect words. Also, tell the interviewer how passionate you are about your career and also wish to get the best opportunities for it.

You can also go ahead and say that you really love to be a part of the organization where you can work from the beginning to the end and this organization is the best fit for you.

Point to remember: Never be negative about your current employer.

7. Tell me about the time you failed

Now this question requires a lot of honesty. It is important that you pick up a real situation where you feel you actually failed and how you brought a positive change into it.

Do not hesitate to answer this job interview question. Every person fail in their lives and give up but what important here is, how you actually overcome that situation and what you actually learn. Once you learn from failure you become a better person.

Make sure you answer in a way that the interview feels that you know the meaning of failure and you are ready to take the challenge which comes in your way. This question will also bring a positive attitude.

Make sure that you share your real-life incident and answer it in a way of a story that the interviewer is keen to know what you did and how.

You can impress the interviewer here and no doubt he can also hire you by seeing that spark and potential in you.

8. Why was there a gap in your employment?

This question is not so tough if you are honest and bring out quality work from the gap you have taken. There can be many reasons why you took a gap with your employment.

Always have a planned answer for it and a good reason. Your gap will be seen in your resume and the interviewer will ask you. There is also a reason behind it, the interviewer will check if the reason behind this is genuine and if you are stable for the current job.

The hire manager will always select you when he/she feels that you will take this job seriously and put all your efforts into it. Now, this requires a lot of stability and not running back.

So when you answer this question make sure you mention this in your resume and are also ready to answer it face to face. There can be many reasons for it. For example, you may be taking care of your children or parents, you can be dealing with the Heath issues or pursuing your further educations which made you take this break.

When you tell the reason, also tell the interviewer how you are ready to work again and what experience you gained in the time you were not working.

9. Why do you want to work at this company?

Always do your research about the company and the position you are going to interview for. These are some basic requirements and if not done then it might be a flag. The interviewer will always ask you why you want to work with this company and not somewhere else. Just make some points on how this organization is better than the other and how it can give you the opportunity to grow and gain experience. Be specific.

Secondly, you should also know how the company has grown in the past few years and how you can further contribute to take the company to the next level. Another way is, you can tell how some of your friends have referred you to this job and the company and how they told you this company is the best. They can be working in the same company or may have worked with them.

You should always speak positive and how this company is unique. Stand out in your answers that the interviewer thinks you are the best fit for this company.

10. What is your current salary?

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If this is your first job, then there is always a basic salary to start with as a fresher. However, if this is not your first job and you are looking for a specific job and salary then you can also add your requirements and expectations in the questions. But make sure this is a positive answer. When the interviewer asks you about the salary they somehow want to know the expectations you can tell them. They also make an idea of how this can further reflect on your salary once you get this job.

It is not cool enough to directly tell them the salary you expect because after all the first thing they will see is your potential and hard work which can justify the amount you get. But you can always go in a way where both the parties can agree to a certain amount.

So next time you go for an interview make sure you prepare for these basic questions. These questions may seem very easy and straightforward but they are not. The interviewer takes the interview every day and they have gained so much experience that they can tell in 2 minutes which candidate is the most deserving. It is really important to be unique and to stand out so that the interviewer feels that you are the perfect fit for the job.

Always do proper research and be relaxed in front of the interviewer. Put all your efforts and create a comfortable environment and relation if you really wish to get this job in one go.

All the best!

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So this is the end of the post 10 typical Interview Questions: How to Answer?. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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