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One of the most obvious questions that are asked in almost all job interviews is “How would you describe yourself?”. This question is actually very crucial for job recruiters, but many job seekers discount the significance of this question. Many find it difficult to answer and make a blunder. This question is like a make or breaks the situation. If you describe yourself in the job interview effectively, this can make a great first impression. And if you ended up answering it in a vague manner, this can affect the rest of the process you go through. The interviewer can be less interested.

Before we move on to the tips on how to describe yourself in the job interview,  It’s important for us to understand why interviewers value this question so much and what do they watch for in an answer.

First of all, this is a basic question asked in almost every job interview, so the interviewer is already aware that they are going to deal with many half-baked and mugged-up descriptions that have little to do with reality. Everyone would easily say that they are passionate, ambitious, and hardworking to sway the interviewer, rather than being upfront about who they really are. So what an interviewer is actually looking for is authenticity. An uncolored and straightforward answer is appreciated and valued here, which also seems genuine and fair. Secondly, the recruiter is also observing your views about yourself. How do you see yourself as a person? And are you really genuine when it comes to speaking about yourself? All these parameters are important for them to assess you properly and see whether you fit in the job or not?

Now that we have understood the mindset of the interviewer, now let’s see what are the best ways to formulate the answer before going for an actual job interview, which would score you a success.

Here are the top 7 tips on how to describe yourself in an interview:

1. Understand the question first:

Before preparing the answer to this popular question “Describe yourself” in an interview, it’s important for us to understand the question properly. Why is this question asked in almost all the interviews? This question is not asked to know about your overall character. You don’t have to give them deep insight into your life and describe them as what made you the person you are today. Rather this question is asked to know whether you can relate to the job or not? Whether you have a proper understanding of yourself or not? Will you easily fit in the role?

2. Know the company and the job:

First and foremost, it’s important to understand the kind of job you are applying for. So research about the company’s or job’s requirements and their culture. This will help you in understanding their overall mindset and whom they are looking for. And then take a deep insight and ask yourself if you were a recruiter in this company, what are the qualities you would seek in an employer while recruiting him/her. According to that you can now formulate your answer and describe yourself in a way that will be more impressive.

3. know which traits to display:

Coming to this point, we already know that the job interviewers are looking for honesty in your answer. Since they deal with tons of interviewees, they know that there is a general lack of uprightness among job seekers these days and they can easily make out when someone tries to be fake. So it’s not easy to bluff them! At the same time, we also know that we as humans have both negative as well as positive qualities in us. And displaying some negative qualities can actually backfire. So what’s the trick here?

The trick is, do not lie about yourself, but at the same time try to say something that they want to hear! So pick your positive traits and emphasize them. It’s essential to be honest while speaking. If required tell them instances where you have exhibit these traits just to back up your claims. Never mention negative traits while answering this question. If the job requires a person who can easily socialize and can work in a team. Then never describe yourself as an isolated, anxious, or shy person if you want to get hired. Lastly, remember it’s you who is going to do the job so it’s important to be true to yourself first.

4. Frame your answer well:

Now that we have known our audience and we also know what to say and what not to say while answering this question. It’s equally important for us to know how to say it in front of our audience. The fact is, the whole meaning of a sentence can change if you do not convey it properly. So be very mindful while framing your answer. Make a list of things you want the recruiter to know about you and figure out the best possible way to display them. Your answer should be interesting and engaging at the same time. Use proper vocabulary and of course, there should be no grammatical errors while you speak. So having command over the language is important.


Everything spoken with confidence seems real right? Even if you are honest but if you stammer while speaking, your words are often taken for granted by many. The truth of this post-modern era is that what you see is on sale.  So if you fail to display your talent and skills properly in front of people, no one will buy it. Confidence is something that can be built over time. Basically, it’s a relation between you and yourself. In every area of your life, it plays an important role, even in a job interview. Nobody wants to hire a timid, shy and nervous person. And your credentials are judge by your confident personality. So be confident while speaking about yourself and maintain a good body posture. Remember a good body language reflects confidence.

6. Choose the right way:

There are many ways to answer this question but you have to choose the one which suits you the best. The question “describe yourself” is actually tricky for most. And it’s because one has to display honesty, pride, and modesty at the same time. It’s hard to strike the right balance here.
When you describe your best traits you are kind of displaying pride. But at the same time, you are expected to be modest. No one likes a person who brags about themselves. So it’s important to be humble and down to earth. You have to strike the right balance between pride and modesty when it comes to answering this question. Just be straightforward and clear!

7. Rehearse:

Last but not least is rehearsing your answer before you go for an actual interview. Because you do not want to stammer in front of people who are hiring you. It creates a bad impression. And at the same time due to nervousness which most of us face during an interview, you don’t want to miss any relevant point while describing yourself. So rehearse your answer as many times as you want so that you sound confident.


By describing yourself in the interview well, you give the interviewers a reason why they should hire you among all the other candidates who came to acquire the job. There are some common mistakes that people make while answering this question. They give irrelevant information about themselves which has nothing to do with the job they are applying for. For example, the recruiter doesn’t want to know whether you like football, or your hobby is gardening.

What he/she wants to know is whether you are fit for the job or not. So avoid going into details of your life and keep in mind that you are here to get recruited. So be specific! Highlight only those qualities and nature of yours which will serve the purpose of the job. Start your introduction with a formal greeting then tell your name and place you belong to. Then give a brief description of your academics and qualifications. Then tell them about your work history by giving them a list of your accomplishments. If you are a student and have no experience at all, then you can talk about the training you have received and how it will be beneficial for the company you are applying for. Then comes the most important part, which is making the interviewer believe that you are fit for the job.

Remember you have a maximum of one to two minutes to answer this question in the job interview. Sometimes even less than that. So do not go into unnecessary details like sharing about family and personal life. Rather utilize the opportunity to give the best possible answer and create a great first impression. In order to have a successful introduction, you should be prepared.

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So this is the end of the post 7 Tips to Describe yourself In Interview. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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