Life is all about dealing with the problems and moving ahead. There will be times when you feel very low and it feels really depressing. It is very important for an individual to know how to manage conflict in daily life.
This article will provide you a knowledge that how to manage conflict in your daily life and help to start living in the present life.

start living in a present

Stop over thinking

Most of the problems you have are psychological and can be dealt with very easily. You may stress about the things that may not matter later on and you realize it very late in life. You may overthink because of external factors of your daily life but the more you do it, the more you get in trouble. It’s not just you, it is the problem of millions of people. You need to understand that the problems will come but you just need to relax and think rationally. Have a cup of green tea or you can just take a long walk alone.

Work-life balance

If you don’t balance out this, you will be stressed out every time. Everyone knows about the importance of balancing out work-life but still, most people don’t do it. You have only one life with you if you don’t balance out the things you will never be able to enjoy anything. You need a proper schedule for yourself. Never try to merge your personal and professional life. Try to get things in order and try to be present in one place at a time mentally. It may take some time but as you start practicing it, you will be more confident and happy.

Stop giving importance to other people’s opinions

If you start listening to other people, you actually stop listening to yourself and it is as serious as it sounds. You start doubting your abilities and that lowers your self-confidence and enthusiasm. Remember, all the people around you don’t even care about you. In fact, they never will care about you. Then why listen to them and bring the conflict to your daily life? We are afraid of being judged by others and we get so much affected by that which brings uncertainty to your daily life. Ignore other people’s opinions and you will become the better version of yourself.

conflict in a daily life


Now this may sound strange to you but studies have shown that people who regularly exercise tend to be happier and can make better decisions. Exercise makes your body fit and you can’t have a fit mind without having a fit body. You not only become strong and healthy but it releases happy hormones in your brain which will keep you in a good mood and if you are in a good mood you will a beautiful day ahead. Just put your headphones on and go out for a run.

Think and react

Before you react to any situation, you must think for a while. You must understand the depth of the situation. You must not regret afterward. You need to cool down first and then think rationally about the conflict. Most of the time it is solvable but just because we don’t control emotions, we make the situation worse. It is always better to take a deep breath and take some time to react. Once you start doing this you will be stress-free most of the time and can really enjoy the moment without any tension and regret. So remember, always think and react!

Controlling your emotions

Now this is quite a task and you always knew about this but never practiced upon it. You need to learn to control your emotions. The problem is that we have stopped taking actions according to logic, most of the decisions we make an emotional and that creates problems for you. That’s why it is said that you should never make any decision when you are extremely happy or when you are extremely sad. Always make decisions with a stable mindset. Emotional decisions will hurt you and create conflicts in your life. You need to start thinking about all the possibilities with proper logic. Use your intellect, not your emotions.

conflict in a daily life

Start living in the present neither in the past nor in future

You have only one life with you and you waste it by living in the past or in the future. If you are not focused on the present then how you can really focus on your bright future. You will be sad by thinking about something that has happened in the past or by overthinking the future. That moment you start living in the present you discover that most of the problems you thought were problems were not actually problems. It is just your state of mind which is disturbed. There is something which really doesn’t matter but you take it too seriously and start stressing out and by the time you realize it, it’s already too late. So, just forget everything and start living in a present of your life because only you care about your happiness.

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