8 Coronavirus Work From Home Tips

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The monotony is as subtle as the symptoms of the deadly Coronavirus which has taken over the world. I am sure everyone was extremely elated to find out that their breaks have been extended. What we thought, was a blessing in disguise, soon converted into our worst nightmare. To all the people out there who feel like they need a vacation from this vacation; you can tell the next generation that you lived through a pandemic. Don’t be disappointed. I’d say use those extra hours to do something productive before it is too late. Don’t just vile away all these precious hours doing nothing; try your hands at learning that new skill for which you never had the time or apply for a work from the home internship and earn some money! This article will provide you with a plethora of tricks to work from home during coronavirus time in an efficient and effective manner.

Follow a Routine

Maintaining a schedule or time table is essential. This rule applies whether you work from home during coronavirus or you go to the office. If possible, you should try to work during your office hours at home too. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you are accountable to yourself and no one else. There is no biometric attendance or your boss to check whether you are working or not. You need to be committed to the work.

Change your Morning Regime

The lack of commute means you have more time at hand to spare for your morning activities. You may consider revising your old habits. Some chores can now be done during the day. For example, packing lunch can now be eliminated as you will have enough time to prepare the same during the afternoon. You may use these extra morning hours to create a task list for your entire day.

Make a Habit to Clean

Since you will now work from the comfort of your home, it is necessary to have a clean workspace. An untidy and unorganized desk will cause more stress and reduce your level of productivity. And instead of focusing on the task at hand, your mind will constantly be diverted. Therefore it is a must to maintain a neat and tidy work area and environment. After all, you cannot work on a kitchen table with fruits and vegetables lying around!

work from home

No Pajamas!

Even though there is no one to judge you based on your work attire, please don’t work in your night suit or pajamas. After completing your morning routine please change into something comfortable but not too comfortable. You may feel sleepy or lousy if you sit to work in your nightclothes. It is especially important if your workspace is close to your couch or in your bedroom.

A Ritual is a Must

Create a ritual to set all the books, stationery, electronics, etc that you require to work on the table before beginning. Ensure that you clear the table once your work is complete. This will create an illusion that there is a limit to your working hours and after a certain time you need to stop. It will remind you that it is time to switch to something like watching TV, resting, reading a novel, and so on.

Set Alarms

If you don’t want to keep looking at the clock again and again to check the time, you should set alarms. If you want to work for two hours and then take your dog out for a walk, make sure to set an alarm. You also need to take care of the fact that this time remains the same every day. If you are going out at six pm on Monday then you must go out at six pm the next day too.

Sharing your Work Space

If your spouse or your friend or roommate is also working from home, establish certain boundaries about your working hours, working space and breaks. For example, if you need to take calls or you would like to drink a hot cup of coffee while working, be courteous enough to ask the other person whether they have any issues or whether they would like to have some coffee too.

Take Breaks

Take regular breaks during the day. Stretch frequently, open up the windows, pet your dog, and listen to some music for a few minutes. You may indulge in a small and quick cleaning session or complete some small task in between these breaks which you take. You must also drink water. Water will help you in staying awake and that will increase your concentration. Staying hydrated throughout the day is important to stay healthy physically and mentally.

Managing work and life at home can become quite tricky and messy at times. Staying in your home and barely going out can have a negative impact on your mental health. It is important to feel and stay motivated to work from home even during coronavirus.

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