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If you have the talent to tell a story in a pictorial, you can grow your career as a cartoonist. Not many people are blessed with art to express their emotions as characters. Cartoonists may work on various mediums as animated comic books or animated multimedia, etc. But the most crucial thing expected from a cartoonist is that he/ she must be able to express the feelings of the cartoon characters through his/her art. A cartoonist has the responsibility of entertaining/providing messages through his art across all ages of the audience. Be it a teenager, or someone in his 30s, or someone older than that, the message should tell the story without any explanation.

A cartoonist needs to draw for various fields. Be it advertising, social, political, or sports issue; a cartoonist must be able to express the feelings. A few cartoonists like to work in collaboration with such artists who produce an idea and write captions for them. And some cartoonists are blessed with an additional talent of being critical, comic, or dramatic in their art.

So, here are 8 essential tips to find if you have that skill to grow your career as a cartoonist.

Get a portfolio ready

In case you have a talent for scribbling your art in the form of doodles. Or in case if you find yourself describing something through drawings, then you are fit to be a cartoonist. Most of the time, there is no need for any formal education to proceed as a cartoonist. But, it is vital to prepare a good, rich portfolio first. Getting all your art in a binding folder with sleeves will keep it protected for a longer time.

Start early

The earlier you start, the better it is. Try opting for such subjects which will help you develop as a cartoonist later. Looking for work in a publication may help you know your potential. Learning essential skills at an early stage helps you then. Skills such as pencil work, Colouring, Ink work, and lettering work in comics can help you improve your skill sets.

Get a good college education

Art comes naturally. However, going to a college for a professional degree will give you excellent exposure and will help you in meeting new cartoonists. It will provide you with a better chance to exchange your ideas with them. Some colleges give admission to students after conducting an interview. So one needs to prepare a list of probable questions. And it is excellent to go for a combination of courses, as this will help in the future. It is a great idea to score better in the exams as this gives a good grade record. Maintaining good grades will show your commitment to your work, thereby making it easier to get a company selection.

Expanding your portfolio

After joining a college, the coursework will give an expansion to your collection. And it is a good thing to go for some freelance work while being at college. It will add to your experience and give an early start to your career as a cartoonist. To keep up the excitement, you can always go to competitions. This activity will provide a boost for your portfolio as well.

Go for an internship

An apprenticeship or traineeship with a reputed company can give a boost to your career. And it can help you launch as a cartoonist. Before getting into an internship, it is good to find out about the company. It is also advisable to enroll in a semester first.

Make an online portfolio

Without a good marketing strategy, even the finest of the products fail badly. So it is advisable to advertise your work by making an online portfolio. While most of the companies look for a physical collection, it is a good idea to go for an online option as well. It gives you access to even those companies you thought were out of your reach.  It is an excellent idea to showcase your work on Instagram, as well. An add on to this can be previous client’s reviews and ratings.

Contacting Production studios

In case you can combine technology with your art, you can contact film studios or video game studios. Images and text matter can merge to form the right combination needed for creating a story. Publishing the related videos on Youtube can give access to companies looking for collaboration.

Be active in Artistic communities

It is a great idea to attend art exhibitions, gallery exhibitions, conferences, and even lectures about art. It will give an expansion to your network of professionals. It will also help you find new clients who can turn to be potential in the future. Joining societies for cartoonists at the National level will also help to get mentors or career counselor. Membership of such groups helps in meeting people from the same community, thereby creating connections.

Through the points mentioned earlier, one can quickly grow his/her career as a cartoonist. These points will help you find out your potential as a cartoonist.

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So this is the end of the post 8 tips to grow your career as a Cartoonist. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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