Get Highest Paying Jobs Through MBA

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Among the most common courses following graduate studies is a Masters of Business Administration or MBA. In this article, we will dwell on the possibilities for MBA students to obtain the highest paid jobs. This is a specialized course that once completed, offers a variety of career opportunities. The market for MBA graduates is huge and will not slow down for years. MBA can be followed after your bachelor’s degree in any field, making the flux shift very smooth. Here is an article on Get Highest Paying Jobs Through MBA .

Most businesses recruit highly trained MBA graduates. They have strengths like good research, critical thinking, communication skills, and productive skills. Companies want multi-qualified professionals with niche expertise and leadership skills .An MBA graduate’s salary is very much dependent on their experience and their output. A fresher person from top B-schools can probably get a bigger bundle than a tier 2 or tier 3 student, but nobody can hinder him from reaching the very same pay or job when a single person is skilled enough. Know more about working professionals.


Highest MBA Fields In India

Operation Management

These days, people from this stream are much in fashion. The management of the labour, efficiency, quality management, and the protective measures developed and set for the business is the responsibility of the Operations Manager. The job is to focus on supply chain management, stock monitoring, manufacturing large loads, etc. After an MBA in operations management, work prospects include:

  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Logistics 
  • Construction Manufacturing

A few of the top hirers are ONGC, Damco, First Flight, and Blue Dart. An Operation Manager’s average salary is Rs. 802,000 annually in India.

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Finance Management

Financial management is a necessity for each organization as it allows proper investment management. They prepare and handle all the firm’s earnings resources. This degree will support you in accounting, managing money, financial consultation, and so forth. Know more about career clarity.

MBA is one of the largest payment departments in banking. An MBA in Finance gives you experience in growth, mergers and global financing. These skills would undoubtedly speed up the organisation for which you work.After an MBA in finance, work prospects include:

  • Credit Risk Management
  • Portfolio manager
  • Financial analyst
  • Hedge Fund Management
  • Senior business analyst
  • Private Equity

Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, TCS, Morgan Stanley are few companies which are always in search for best professional finance management. You can also potentially expand your own company with an MBA in finance, combined with a CA degree.In India, the median income for an MBA is Rs. 7,19,000 per year in finance and with practice, it will increase.

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Business Analyst

Business analysts carry out industry surveys, evaluate the two product lines as well as the company’s total profitability. A job role for a business analyst usually includes:

  • Forecasting
  • Budgeting
  • Variance analysis
  • Drawing business analysis 
  • Finding problems and solutions for it

After doing MBA in business analyst, one can expect an average pay of Rs. 7,40,000 and a Senior Analyst to near about Rs. 40,00,000 per annum in India. know more about career and educational guidance.


The marketing role is to consider customer demands and to build a supply centred on these requirements of services or goods. The business should benefit from such services provided.Following an MBA in marketing, work prospects include:

  • Market Research Analyst
  • Media Planning
  • Sales Manager
  • Corporate Sales
  • Brand Manager
  • Chief Marketing Officer

Spencer’s Retail, Sony, Tata Consultancy Services, Cognizant Technology, Ranbaxy, KPMG are the main recruiters of MBA in marketingA student of MBA in Marketing in India has an annual salary of Rs. 752,000.In addition to numerous MBA marketing opportunities, you find MBA graduates with the highest-paid jobs.

Highest Paying Jobs In India After MBA

Take a close look at India’s best-earning jobs as well as the skills needed and the salary that can be expected in this position.

Investment Banker

The most paying role for MBA graduates is undoubtedly investment banking. Individuals wishing to become investment bankers should select throughout their masters for subjects of finance. It is a really difficult career, but a strong salary is assured if you’re highly skilled.

Investment bankers are financial advisors who assist their customers to increase money on the market. They provide various consultancy services and support fusions, sign big transactions, support large transactions and retirement funds as well as acquisition activities.

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It’s a very financially stable profession and in most situations, non-MBA students can’t get the job. Top graduates of B-schools are employed in investment banking. The conditions are a wonderful resume, good transcripts and a remarkable process for interviews. In the first few years, most people are working very long hours, but these hours are measured with time and seniority and people start scheduling their regular time and selecting their own tasks.A recently qualified investment banker earns about Rs 6,80,000 annually, up to Rs 3,000,000 each year after the experience.

Project Manager

Following graduation, people are working at Project Manager roles by corporate agencies. As a project manager, a particular project is assigned to manage and oversee. The project management could include planning, strategies, growth estimates, team building, implementation, and achievement of the proposed objectives. Know more about HIGHER/EXECUTIVE EDUCATION GUIDANCE.

As the role of a project manager is to see a project from the beginning to the end, they are also responsible for the financial dimension. These qualities should refer to a project manager:

  • Strong skills in communication
  • Ability to execute multifunctionality and concurrently handle multiple project elements
  • Adequate investment understanding
  • Thinking about the big picture and view
  • Efficient strategic planning
  • Ability to settle disputes

A new graduate of MBA is predicted to draw about four to five lakhs per year. An experienced person with over 15 years’ experience receives around Rs 13,00,000 annually. It is one of the MBA graduates’ highest-paid careers.

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In Conclusion

MBA has always been called a success shortcut providing high paid and valuable job opportunities; however, before you choose your stream, you have to do your research. Despite the MBA, one of the best-in-class courses, the most lucrative MBA job has little knowledge.

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