The four P’s of a Successful Job Interview

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Job interviews are not a piece of cake any more. With the emerging industries, the process of recruitment is also changing and selection is getting tougher. Most of the time, lack of confidence, anxiety, nervousness, fear of rejection stands as an obstacle and prevents candidates from nailing an interview. The Four P’s Of A Successful Job Interview .

To compete against a group of strangers and beat out all the rest and to stand out as a desirable candidate you need to work on yourself. Remember, hard working determines fate. Therefore, to impress the interviewer and to come out on top you need to follow these really cool ideas that will make things easier to pursue. Know more about our services for working professionals .



Preparation for any interview is very important and making sure that you are ready for your interview, will boost your confidence and help you do exceptionally well. Knowing yourself is the key feature.

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  • Knowing about your positive qualities, skills, interests and values match those to the organization will push your self-confidence and increase your effectiveness.
  • Research about the company or organization that you are applying for. This will leave an impression on the interviewer that you are aware of the job enough to learn about the company’s mission and interested in the position. Look for their latest annual reports, recent news release, how do they relate to the position they are interviewing for, the vision statement and goals.
  • Make sure to review their job requirements, seek help from the company’s HR or hiring manager, and to know more about the job ask someone who works there. Or talk to someone in your network who does similar work.
  • Ask yourself common interview questions, research your answers.
  • Review your resume, what is needed or what matches the job description.
  • Recognize your accomplishments and prepare yourself to talk about them.
  • Present yourself in a way that showcases your achievements that brings in the STARS technique (Situation, Task, Action, Result and Skills).
  • Make sure to create your own list of questions about the job posting or the employer.


Practice what to say and how to say. This will save you from struggling for answers and reduce your stress. It is better to rehearse what you have prepared instead of memorizing. Figure out which key points you want to focus on.

Also, overview the questions that you have come up with and decide which situations would make good responses to the questions. Practice answering the questions using STARS (Situation, Task, Action, Result and Skills) method of your achievements. Practice your answers out loud.

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Practice in front of a mirror to correct your facial expressions and posture, by your body language, the interviewer will be able to figure out whether you are confident, nervous or uninterested.

Seek help from a friend and ask him to enact the interview session and make sure you receive honest feedback about your expressions and body language. And most importantly, maintain a positive attitude.


The third and important formula to crack any interview is presentation. From your appearance, attitude to your body language, everything will be observed, there should no space for ignorance. know more about  STARTING UP GUIDANCE

Dress up neat and be well-groomed. Smile when it is appropriate, make eye contact and introduce yourself firmly, stand until you are offered a seat, again, sitting posture should be appropriate. These minor details can either ruin or make your day. Presenting yourself will define your eligibility in the company or whether you are an actual fit or not.The presentation must be able to demonstrate you as an individual who is accomplished and fits perfectly for the job as well.

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The fourth P of every fruitful interview speaks about punctuality. Every interviewer expects that their applicants will show up on time. Leave way before you are expected to reach.

Signing in before time shows eagerness, your enthusiasm. Get up early from your usual time and give enough time to dress up conveniently. And make sure that you acknowledge the traffic problems and manage the time accordingly so that, it does not affect your scheduled interview.


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