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When you hear the word “Event planner/Event manager”, what might come to your mind is the scenes from the Bollywood movie “Band Baaja Baarat” or from the Amazon prime Tv series “Made in Heaven”. Both of them are far from reality in terms of how does a person becomes an event planner/manager. Event planning is a stressful job but if you have the niche for it, it is a wonderful experience. From wedding planning and festival celebrations to planning formal events like seminars or meetings, everything is done by an event manager. Organizational, budgeting, and creative skills are key for any event planner. So let us not waste any more time and dive into the aspect of becoming a successful event planner.

I will divide the procedure into two aspects.


1- Volunteer/get used to responsibilities

Since event planning is a field in which you will be directly responsible for the task that is given to you. Through volunteering for event planning companies or doing internships will help you in the long run. In order to excel in this field, you need to know how the process if it works. While volunteering, you get to take on responsibilities. You learn to work under pressure. Further, you can join an event management company and gather experience from the managerial role. Communicate with people, work through the problems and find a solution at the last minute, prepare and assign budgets for different departments, etc.

2- Networking

This is a creative field with commerce involved and solely works on contacts. You need clients for whom you can plan for. Make a business card and hand it to as many clients as you can. Visit event management forums. There you find a lot of interested clients. You need to gather clients and increase your portfolio.

3- Event courses

This helps you and your work get credibility in the market. Specialization in any specific event planning can go a long way. You need to find your niche for a specific kind of event. Further doing courses on human resource management, financial accounting, marketing, public relations, etc. helps you get an edge in the business.


1- Event portfolio

This is a very important step for any event planner. This is the face of your company. After you have done a few events, it is best to create a portfolio for all the achievements of your company, highlighting your uniqueness and clientele. Showcase your work with photos, brochures, and invitations of the events you’ve planned. Since it is a visual medium, photos and videos are appreciated by everyone.

2- Register your company and create a business plan

As soon as you create your company, you need to get a license from the government for functioning legally. Further, you need to create a business model or a business plan for your company. It includes the functioning of your company, finances, budgets, plan of actions. It also includes emergency strategies and work division for everyone. The event manager also helps in finding new investors for your company by showing your business model.

3- Marketing and developing a network of suppliers

You need to show people that your company is out there and is easily accessible to anyone. Create a website for your company. Upload your latest event information. Make sure to make the website easy to access.  For more informal connections create a social media account and post regularly on it. It boosts your followers and your name travels leading to better networking. Another important aspect is to have a trustworthy network of suppliers and vendors. For any event be it a wedding or a formal setting, you need minimum decorative material and other supplies. Having a strong network of suppliers makes your life easier. They can help you in the time of crisis by providing more supply on short notice.

The steps mentioned above are not very ideal but very difficult to follow. Please pay close attention to your environment and do not doubt yourself. This career path is not like engineering and all. This is a part of a creative and part commerce career path. There are no set rules and regulations for this. Every event is different. Each client will have a different to organize an event and it is your job to fulfil everyone’s wish list. You need to have the quality of adaptability.

The above lines are to show you a real-world in which you are going to step into. The steps that are given will help you to a certain point but you need to create your own path in order to be successful in this field.

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So this is the end of the post How to Become a Successful Event Manager?. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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