How to write a perfect Resume

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Dear all,  Today I have prepared an article for all those are applying for jobs, applying masters in India and abroad and those are interested in internship inside the country or  Abroad. At present all the platforms that I have listed are asked you for a CV or Resume. If you write a perfect resume you will be shortlisted first and if not then deleted first. A Resume is 3 or more pages long, which has details of your Education, Experience, Achievements, Awards, and Scholarships, Honors, Publications, Referees, etc. It is mostly used in case of applying for Academic positions, Research positions, Fellowships, Grants, and jobs.

A Resume does not change with the internship or job you are applying to. Most of our country’s students have their resumes but this is scientifically wrong, in most cases, they make a hybrid version of a resume. It is the main reason that they are not accepted in their desired position where they applied. Don’t worry we are here to guide you in this field. If you follow this, no one can stop you from reaching your goal in your life. A resume should contain the following points. But before starts this you should learn the needs of a resume and How to write a perfect Resume then its common mistakes that you made. like –

Needs for Resume

  1. Applying for Masters’s degree programs.
  2. Applying for a Ph.D.
  3. Applying for an internship.

Common Mistakes during preparing a Resume

  1. The Resume Doesn’t name properly. All should be named and add his permanent address or Current address in your Resume.
  2. Use of 2 column structure. It is not perfect because in this case, the readers can’t read properly your resume.
  3. Use of logo of your current institution. It is not important rather not need to add your college logo. Always keep in mind that your resume is your advertisement, not your colleges. If you have your college logo in your resume for no reason, delete it.
  4. Not include all information of the applicant. you should add the information that I listed below.
  5. No use of your Photographs. It is quite difficult to judge but as it resumes not CV you must add it.
  6. Use of copy-pasted and generic statements in objective portion .copy pasted and generic statements serve no purpose other than making it clear to a recruiter that you have no idea of what you want from your career. You should either have a very specific objective statement outlining your interests.
  7. Not maintained chronological order. All should maintain this.
  8. Not mentioned each year marks or semester CGPA, For abroad they used GPA.
  9. Not listing all the courses and labs that you have done to date. it is important to add this with the date. These are the following mistakes that students and others also make. but to write a perfect Resume you should follow the following points. This is –

Points for a better Resume

  1.  Detailed of your address.
  2. Current  position / Academic position 
  3. Learning objective / Goal 
  4. Interest / Research interest / Study of interest
  5. Publication 
  6. Experience/tanning
  7. Skills and extracurricular activity
  8. Awards 
  9. Certificates 
  10. Reference     

Detailed Description of all points

You should have added all these points that are important to improve your Resume. Now as Written you must add your detailed address information, including your name, mail Id, Phone number.  In the second part you should add your current position like – ” Currently doing a Masters degree from Harvard University with biology and Chemistry“.  In the next position, you should add your objectives like -“To enhance my educational and professional skills in a stable and dynamic workplace” or “To solve problems in a challenging position”. 3rd position, you should add your interest field of study. Those are applying for Masters programs Abroad they must add their research interest in brief in this section. Then in the publication part if you have any publication ( Anything that is found in Google, like a magazine, research article or any article ) must add this.

In the experience section, you must add your previous experience like any Undergraduate research project, Any internship, any workshop any previous job experience, voluntary experience, etc. After that in the skills position, you have to add your skills like yourCarrier related experience, Computer skills, instrumental skills, lab-based skills or any others that are unique for you”. Then you have to add your all awards that you get in your previous academic position. This is like – Scholarship, any Grant or fellowship, etc.

better resume

In the certificate, position one should add his all previous certificates that you have. Those who are applying for higher studies in India or abroad must list their referee’s details with their contact details.  In the last of your Resume must add a sentence like “I do hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is true to the best of my knowledge.” The last thing that all should remember is always try to write a perfect resume Times new font in word. I think that this information will help you to make a perfect resume that will help you in case of admission to what you want. All the best.

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