Moving to British Columbia for Work? Here’s What You Should Know

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Moving British

If you’re moving to British Columbia for work, whether you have a job lined up or you’re looking for one: you’re making an awesome choice!  This province is full of some of Canada’s strongest industries and offers everything from education to entertainment for everyone here.

These are the top things you should know before heading out!

There’s More Than Vancouver!

Many people think that Vancouver is the only place in British Columbia that matters.  Although this city has two of the strongest industries, the entertainment, and technology industries, this isn’t the only place worth moving to!

Victoria has a thriving job market, so do areas like Whistler and Kelowna, but you have to be willing to give them a try and research them.  Of course, you can move to Vancouver if you have your mindset on it, but looking into your other options may give you opportunities you didn’t realize were out there!

This is the Most Expensive Province

British Columbia is by far the most expensive province in Canada.  Not only because it’s home to the most expensive city and because the cost of living across the entire region is higher.

You will have to expect to pay a lot for homes for sale in Vancouver, but if you can drive outside of the city, they’re still above the national average: but they’re more affordable than homes within city limits. However, the pay can be higher for some jobs, so there’s a balance there you’ll have to find before landing on a location.

Outdoors To Enjoy

There’s Plenty of Outdoors to Enjoy

We could all use more time in the great outdoors. So whether you love skiing, biking, or boating: you’ll find space and time to do it in British Columbia.  There are several rainforests here, as well as multiple provincial and national parks.

From the gorgeous coastlines that Victoria and Vancouver get to brag about to the icy endless mountains and snow that Whistler has, there’s room for you to adventure and discover what surroundings make you happiest. 

You Don’t Have to Endure Winter.

Many think that all of Canada has to suffer through a rough winter, but if you live in British Columbia, that’s not necessarily the case.  In Victoria, at the southern end of the province, the average winter doesn’t get below freezing for very long.

This means little to no snow, and the cold gets just low enough to let you see your breath and go skating if you want to. Of course, you can still go north and enjoy the ice and snow, but it’s not a necessity.

Creativity Is All Over This Province

If you love creativity and want to grow your imagination: this is the province to move to.  Victoria is known for its artists, and Vancouver is known as the Hollywood of Canada.  

There are plenty of options for creative endeavors and hobbies all over this province, and the people here are happy to indulge and teach you anything that you want to learn.  If you wish to view the world through a new lens and learn a new fun skill: you can do it in British Columbia.

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