Phone interview? 7 tips for a successful interview

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The interview needs preparation whether it’s a walk-in or a phone interview. A phone interview is not something that you can take lightly just because you are giving it at your preferred place. In some cases, this type of interview leads you directly to a job and in some, it leads you to the walk-in-interview. Know more about working professional.

The transition of traditional interviews with phone interviews is mainly because of the fast development of our generation. The phone interview saves time for both the company and the interviewee or it makes it easy to short the list for people of walk-in-interview. Either way, the company is the same and the interview role is the same. This interview is as important as the walk-in and it can lead you to the job. So, it’s always good to have some tips before any type of interview. Here are some tips for a phone interview .

1. Set And Setting

Set denotes your mindset at a particular state of time. You should clear your mind way before the interview, there should not be any kind of restless thoughts floating in your mind. You must be calm and compose before your interview, give time to yourself before an interview. Clear your head by any activity that you feel helps you, you can try meditation or listening to your favorite music while having a walk-in nature.

Setting denotes the environment around you. Prepare your setting wisely, as it can play a major role in your interview. You don’t want any of your friends or family member to come and disturb your interview. You have to set everything before the interview, the room should be clean because it gives you a more positive environment. Believe it or not but your mind knows all. So, keep all kinds of distractions away from you and keep all the essentials with you like pen, pencil, notepad, and water. You can’t go in between the interview so plan your setting accordingly. *Don’t forget to charge your phone as well as , know more about working profession.

2. Body Language

What is body language doing here? Isn’t it the phone interview? It doesn’t matter where you are, an interview is an interview and body language plays a key role in a walk-in or phone interview. Your interviewer knows more than you think, he/she can tell the minor difference from your voice. So, remember to keep smiling throughout the interview. Smile changes your voice and your mindset. It’s all proved so don’t think it is senseless. Your interviewer knows it all.

You can’t possibly give a good interview while sitting on your couch in a lazy position and having nachos at your side. Sit on a chair with a straight posture and give an interview like you are in an interview room. It will modulate your voice as well and you will sound more serious.

3. Don’t Forget The Details

Time is the key, be ready before your scheduled time. Check your time for your interview and add a reminder on your phone, an hour before the interview time. You don’t want to skip the scheduled time and if you feel like you can’t meet the timings then ask to reschedule your time.

Response to them cheerfully, show your interest in them. Talk about the company, its growth, and the work environment. Show your true and keen interest in them. Humans have a basic nature of the feeling of importance. Make them feel important and do it from your heart. They know the difference between buttery and real appreciation.

4. Be A Good Conversationalist

To be a good conversationalist you have to be a good listener first. Don’t hurry, relax and speak. You don’t want the interviewer to feel like you are in any sort of hurry. For that, you have to be a good listener, not just hearing.  You have to listen carefully then only you can grab their points and analyze the situation. While listening, keep a notepad with you where you can write down the questions that will be coming into your head while listening. Ask them later at the end of an interview or when you feel there is a gap in the conversation.

Response to them cheerfully, show your interest in them. Talk about the company, its growth, and the work environment. Show your true and keen interest in them. Humans have a basic nature of the feeling of importance. Make them feel important and do it from your heart. They know the difference between buttery and real appreciation.

5. Make Notes

Keep all the information about the interview with yourself. Make the list of questions that you want to ask in an interview. It can be details of the job, your salary expectations, joining time, or any type of question that comes to your mind. Take time before the interview, sit down and write all the questions related to the job interview.

Details of your resume are important and the job interviewer will be questions from your resume. So, keep a resume with yourself and keep the references of all the points that you mentioned in your resume. Just in case they try to cross-check.

6. Interview Questions

It is mentioned above that the phone interview holds the same value as any type of job interview. So, expect the regular job interview questions, the same questions but different places and ways. This time you will be giving answers on the phone instead of at an interview desk.  Some of the common interview questions are: –

  • What will be your expectations from the job?
  • Can you manage with the change in job hours?
  • When you can start the job?
  • How much salary are you expecting?
  • Do you agree with these terms and conditions?

Be honest in your answers, you don’t need to hesitate. Tell them the truth, you are here to get the job that you want. If you feel like you can’t make it to certain conditions then you can tell them directly. Interviewers hope for honesty, else it will cause a problem later for both parties.

7. Be Thankful

After the interview thank them for giving their time to you. Make them feel special and that will definitely lift your chances up. Not just thanks them on phone, later on, drop a mail to them thanking for the interview and how great you felt after giving the phone interview.

It will show your interest in the post and towards their company. It will also make a special effect as not everyone will be going to mail them for giving their time.

These are the seven tips for a phone interview. If you apply these tips then you will be definitely making on the list and grabbing the opportunity. A phone interview is a better alternative way of a traditional interview and now you know the tips for the phone interview so there is nothing to be worried about. Go and grab your job.


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FAQS About tips for a successful Telephonic interview

Q. What are some tips for effective communication during a telephonic interview?

A. To communicate effectively during a telephonic interview, speak clearly and at an appropriate pace. Use a professional and confident tone. Listen attentively to the interviewer and pause before answering to gather your thoughts. Avoid interrupting the interviewer and ask for clarification if needed. Use positive and engaging language to convey your enthusiasm and interest.

Q. How can I make a good impression during a telephonic interview?

A. Making a good impression during a telephonic interview starts with being punctual. Answer the call in a professional manner and introduce yourself clearly. Smile while speaking to project positivity. Focus on active listening and provide thoughtful and concise answers. Highlight your qualifications and relevant experiences, emphasizing how they align with the requirements of the role. Express your gratitude for the opportunity at the end of the interview.

Q. What should I do to minimize distractions during a telephonic interview?

A. Minimizing distractions is crucial during a telephonic interview. Find a quiet and private space where you won’t be interrupted. Inform household members or roommates about the interview and request their cooperation. Turn off any background noise, such as television or music. Silence your mobile phone and any other devices that may cause distractions.

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