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It is important in our lives that we listen to others. Those in the habit to ignore or dismiss others’ opinions are at a loss. They miss new information or a new opportunity. To listen, someone is to give in between comments so that they don’t feel ignored. Or to reply in between the statements with small words or phrases. By this, the speaker will feel heard and valued. But care should be taken that one doesn’t cut the speaker in between. They may feel this as interference or negligence. So here are some reasons why you should be a good listener:

We learn a great deal:

From my experience, we learn a lot when we listen to others’ opinions and points of view as there is always more than one perspective of everything. When we here the right person as our teachers, mentors, career counsellor and parents we learn many new things which we can use to improve ourselves. But this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t listen to what our subordinates and juniors have to say, as we say many times we learn from our juniors too.

It helps solve problems:

When we listen to others half of the conflicts are gone, as most of the problems are because of a lack of communication skills. We don’t listen to what others need to say and their views and follow through and end up fighting and having conflicts with our fellow mates. We get angry, impatient, overwhelmed, and what not when the situation doesn’t go our way and by taking reckless decisions we worsen the situations rather than handling them wisely.

It gives us time to think:

When we listen to someone rather than speaking we get time to process what it’s all about and how it should be taken care of. When we listen and judge people we see all the pros and cons of the thing and decide accordingly, and it doesn’t result in a rash decision which it could have been if proper thinking was not there. And to process things out many times is it important that we listen to what it is rather than thinking that in the mind as we humans judge better when we hear it from someone else other than us, this is the reason we have meetings so that everyone’s opinion is heard and a decision is made after considering all the reasonable opinions.

It increases our self-confidence:

When we listen to someone, we feel important and valued as we are respected, and people want us to listen to them and many times to help them solve some problems they are facing. Many times when we are good listeners people come to us with just the sole purpose of sharing their problems as humans feel good when they share their views with others and we feel special and valued when people share things with us and by this our self-confidence increases.

It helps us sell ideas:

When we are a good listener and here to what the other person has to they feel that their views matter and they will be a lot more open to suggestions and ideas of others, as when human beings feel neglected or unheard they tend to do the same thing and this many times lead to bad decisions which end up with people losing a job and whatnot. When in a meeting everyone’s point is heard they are open to suggestions which are needed and they don’t feel as if they are sidetracked.

It generates ideas:

When we listen to others idea we get new ideas ourselves as we give their ideas thought and think of pros and cons and get to a better conclusion finally, and as this will be a product of ideas of many different people it will have fewer flaws and it will work for a larger number of people. When we are open to suggestions people talk to us openly which allows honest opinions that work at the betterment of the idea we have and the improvised version is good.

It shows other people that we care:

When we listen to people patiently they feel valued and cared for, it’s a human tendency that when they feel unheard they feel bad and make presumptions about others without thinking of others’ situation. It is important for our close one to know that we care about them and what’s the better way than listening to them when it’s most required. Patience is very important when we listen to as many times people we listen to maybe doing the wrong thing, but it is our responsibility that we handle them with maturity and don’t worsen the situation for them.

To conclude I would say to run this world in peace good listeners are required and necessary as without them it would be just a place with conflicts and differences in opinion everywhere. To have the skill to be a good listener is an asset and one should try to improve this as much as possible, as by this the world would be a better place to live in.


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So this is the end of the post Reasons why you should be a good listener. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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