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We can find people talking about establishing new businesses, investing both time and money. They also cut down their family time and devote it all to their work. Some people prefer to work even on weekends, thereby working for almost 85 to 90 hours a week. It may sound strange, but it seems their struggle for success becomes glorified this way. But, this is not the case with all of us. For some handling, too many responsibilities at a time may result in a lack of sleep at night.

We all want to maintain a healthy balance between our work life and life after work. But, sometimes, due to stress at our workplace, it becomes quite tricky. At times, the days at the office go so busy and stressful that we tend to carry it with us even at our home. And this results in a disturbance of peace at our home too. So, to overcome such situations, there is a need for good tackling.

Here are a few tips one can follow to overcome the burden of work and to maintain a healthy work-life balance too.

Set the Priorities

It is essential to set one’s priorities. Not only it gives clarity in work, but it also reduces the chances of being overburdened all the time. At times, it is not about having many tasks at our hand, but spending too much time and attention on just one single action. So to avoid this waste of time, one must first set his/her priorities as to give how much time on a given task. Sometimes, most of the day goes in, giving replies to emails or messages. And there is no time left for the functions essential to develop the business. So it is better to set the priorities in advance to start the day in a better manner.

Jot down the essential tasks

The easiest way to follow the preferences is to write them down. It is better to make a list of the tasks to be completed later in the day. And while listing all the jobs, it is better to segregate them in levels of priority. Like urgent task should be listed on the top and less critical later in the list. This segregation builds a focus on the tasks that are needed to complete immediately and help you to overcome from the burden.

Automation is a must

Most of the time, while fixing a critical meeting or schedule, we take the help of a calendar. And this task takes just a few minutes. But, in case you are used to the Google calendar app, this is just a matter of seconds. So, to avoid any waste of time, it is best to make use of such applications.

Avoid Unnecessary Interruptions

Most of the offices prevent the usage of mobile phones during work hours. It is a great idea to have a significant focus only on work. It results in the speedy achievement of results. Unnecessary notifications of emails, messages, pop-ins, etc. tend to distract easily. And a part of our brain is continuously working towards these details of no use.

Good eating habits and a sound sleep

At times, we are so overburdened with work that we tend to forget eating correctly. And a poor diet always results in stressing one’s system. To get a night of good sleep it is excellent to try out some breathing exercises. This practice helps in the relaxation of the body and results in better sleep and overcome from the burden.

Keep Calm

During stressful times at work, one can feel frustrated quickly. This stress generates heat in the body, thereby resulting in repeated mistakes and an increase in temper. So, it is advisable to cool down first before resuming the work. One can breathe through the mouth and try releasing air through the nose. This technique acts as a pause button and gives some time to think.

overcome from burden

Try influencing others

Majorly we are responsible for our behavior towards others. But, sometimes somebody else is going through a bad phase. During this phase, we must confront it to them politely and responsibly. In this way, they see you as a better leader, thereby resolving their problems away.

Be your critic

A critic sees faults in anything, thus improving it further. But at times, accepting one’s failure in a less harsh manner is also motivating. One can encourage oneself through positive thoughts, which can give a boost. It will also train oneself and inspires others.

Act, not React

At times under stress, we react sooner than actually acting upon the situation. It leads to the activation of stress hormones. It also hampers confidence, distributes concentration, and spoils well being too. In this situation, one needs to control one’s actions and reactions to make the situation pleasant than worse.

If these 9 tips followed thoroughly, it can relieve some stress at the workplace and overcome from the burden. So, it is better to go through them one, and you are good to go!

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