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Dear Aspirant, Already as listed by Ms. Meghna, those are very good options in Humanities stream. However since there are more than one options, it is not easy to choose which is the right one for you. I am glad that you approached us to know what are the possible options in Humanities which one can choose. I would strongly recommend you to undergo the Ideal Career Test from which is a psychometric test which will help you clear the confusion and dilemma in choosing the exact career option which is suited to you. This test is a scientific method to clear the confusion and will

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Higher education in the field of History are BA History, Archaeology etc. You can also pursue higher education in Psychology, Economics, Sociology etc. You can find the best places to go for your higher education by visiting the websites of best  institutes like Delhi university, Sharda university, Lovely Professional University etc. You can develop your academic and creative skills by participating in the programs and conferences in the places like lpu.  

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Hi Ashna,All the courses mentioned by you are different to each other. Now its up to you to decide what exactly you are most interested in. As you said you are an [MBA][1] aspirant. Than suggested courses for you are [BBA/ BBM/ Bachelor's in any specialization like marketing/HR][2]/ BA Economics / [BA journalism][3] etc. Choose a option according to your interest. This is the time to analyze your skills and which is the area where your skills can be fully utilized.For any other help write back.All the best [1]: /ask/management-marketing [2]: /ask/t/im-searching-for-a-good-college-to-pur

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Dear Career Aspirant, Thanks for writing to! First I would recommend to assess your strenths, interest and personality traits. You can take up Ideal Career Test from This will help you understand your skills and assessment report will provide potential career field for you. You can choose field from potential career choices for you. You should choose career based on your skills, ineterest and your passion. After graduation, you can do post graduation in your preferred field. Since you are interested in Art/designing related field, you can choose foll

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Dear Aspirant, Choosing any career is supposed to be for benefit. However the important thing which is important for a career aspirant, is to choose a stream based on your capability and interest. Choosing humanities, commerce or science has its own factors and importance. What benefits you as a career aspirant and which is the stream which would suit you the best needs to be decided by you. Do not every compare streams and decide by comparison. To be best sure of what suits you for your career, I would suggest you to undergo an online psychometric test from CareerGuide which will help you

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The courses available for you in Arts stream are BA English/ Hindi/ or other languages..BA History.. BA Geography.. BA Political Science.. BA Sociology.. BA Economics.. BA Psychology... BA Programme.. BA Honors in different subjects.. etc..  You can opt any of the courses based on your interests and your 12th subjects.. Some of the best institutes to pursue your courses are Delhi University colleges, Christ University, Lovely Professional University, Ashoka University etc.  You can also avail scholarships in some of the institutes. 

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sir, which are the colleges that offer BA economics with maths as a subject in class12th. please let me know, as most of the colleges require math at class 12 level.

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Hi, You will have to mention what subject you chose. Arts stream offers numerous career options and opportunities to students.This is one of the main reasons why this stream still has got takers in India! This stream is made up of parts like humanities, visual arts, performing arts, literary arts etc. You can later do graduation in vocational course incase you are interested or else do your masters in psychology(one in demand). Hope this helps you!

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Dear StudentThanks for contacting MeraCareer it is our privillage to help you for the exploration of professional courses in future. As B.A is the common platform for many professional courses like management in hotel and business, intellectual property filling, education, arts and animation, handicrafts and interior designing, air-services, banking -finance and commerce, diploma in severel courses like computer, information technology, labmangement, technical writting, foriegn langauges. If you have done either individual or in combination then certianinly you will be benifitted and

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