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Dear StudentThanks for contacting MeraCareer it is our privillage to help you for the exploration of professional courses in future. As B.A is the common platform for many professional courses like management in hotel and business, intellectual property filling, education, arts and animation, handicrafts and interior designing, air-services, banking -finance and commerce, diploma in severel courses like computer, information technology, labmangement, technical writting, foriegn langauges. If you have done either individual or in combination then certianinly you will be benifitted and

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Dear Career Aspirant, Thanks for writing to! First I would recommend to assess your strenths, interest and personality traits. You can take up Ideal Career Test from This will help you understand your skills and assessment report will provide potential career field for you. You can choose field from potential career choices for you. You should choose career based on your skills, ineterest and your passion. After graduation, you can do post graduation in your preferred field. Since you are interested in Art/designing related field, you can choose foll

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Hi History is a recognized professional career and is among the top career choices made by students in India. Archeology is a great area for students who have interest in history. Historians , curators, educationist etc are other options. You can take up Bachelor's degree in history or archaeology and at PG level opt for Master's course in archaeology. Archaeology is the science of studying human cultures through the recovery, analysis and documentation of material remains and environmental data, like architecture, artifacts, features, landscapes and bio-facts.  Personal traits needed: Ar

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Hi, You will have to mention what subject you chose. Arts stream offers numerous career options and opportunities to students.This is one of the main reasons why this stream still has got takers in India! This stream is made up of parts like humanities, visual arts, performing arts, literary arts etc. You can later do graduation in vocational course incase you are interested or else do your masters in psychology(one in demand). Hope this helps you!

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Hi There, Congrats on clearing class 12tgh. For pursuing a BA, which is a 3 years course, you need to choose from few specializations like: - Sociology - Political Sciences - History - Psychology - English Literature A word of caution here, though BA sounds and is very very theoretical, but the more one expresses the concepts in their own words, the more they score. BA does not have any direct answers to the questions. Mostly they are derived or reason based. So one thing for sure is Attending lectures. Apart from it being regular, making your own notes and researching or referring

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Hi Ashna,All the courses mentioned by you are different to each other. Now its up to you to decide what exactly you are most interested in. As you said you are an [MBA][1] aspirant. Than suggested courses for you are [BBA/ BBM/ Bachelor's in any specialization like marketing/HR][2]/ BA Economics / [BA journalism][3] etc. Choose a option according to your interest. This is the time to analyze your skills and which is the area where your skills can be fully utilized.For any other help write back.All the best [1]: /ask/management-marketing [2]: /ask/t/im-searching-for-a-good-college-to-pur

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Dear Aspirant, For getting a good job, you need to improve english language skills, and complete your graduation first. Do not leave education just for the sake of doing a job. Best wishes

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Hi There, So you wish to make a career in Graphic designing. Please note apart from formal training, you need to be good with creative and imagination skills. Other soft skills can develop over the period of time. As such please note, that designing Graduates, though pursuing a full term course which is 4 1/2 years course, they still get a Diploma certificate awarded at the end of the term. You may opt for the full term diploma program or 6 months to one year certification program in Graphic designing. Choice is yours. Though a Diploma has more preference, but companies do also give importance

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Hi There, Shalini again its a broad question but atleast streamed down to an option. In terms of ARTS, one can Graduate in any one of the following: English Psychology Sociology History Geography Political Science Anthropology Languages Logic Philosophy For more information, check delhi University website: Hope this helps Wish you good luck...

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Dear Aspirant, I agree with Ms. Deepti. I would put it like this, "Every education/career is best, as far as YOU are best for that particular education/career". These are my own words and I have been counselling students based on this thought only for many years successfully. Arts/Humanities is a fantastic field and there are exciting careers in Arts stream. All are best and as said, you have to ascertain for which of those you are best for. You can know which subjects you are best for through a psychometric test called as Ideal Career Test. This test will analyse your aptitude, attitude, emot

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Hi There, The above counselors have beautifully explained the criteria for UPSC Exams. I just would like to help you in terms of its preparations. Please note that reading is a must. Read everything you can get your hands onto. Right from politics to history to literature etc,. But just reading is not enough, being able to express it is equally important. So get into the group discussion mode, with friends, family and or teachers. Being witty and diplomatic is also important followed by logic, your logic and stick to your point only. Do not change your stand when cross questioned. Hope this he

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Dear Aspirant, I am happy that you belong to the Arts / Humanities stream. This is definitely a lively and exciting stream for a career. After 12th there are really many options which give you a great career in terms of growth, satisfaction, money, recognition, etc. Would like to list out some exciting career options in Arts / Humanities field: Performing Arts Legal Studies Journalism Architecture (Maths as a compulsory subject in 12th) Fashion Designing Interior Designing Library Science Animation Psychology Hotel Management Mass Communication Advertising Tourism History Geography Foreign La

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Hi There, Best opportunity is pretty subjective. It would all depend on what interests you, where you interest lies and majorly where your aptitude lies. Though I am listing down few careers, but do make a choice based on your abilities, for which i would suggest Aptitude tests followed by a Research on the career thoroughly  Some career options available for ARTS student includes: Mass Media Psychology Sociology English Honors Political Science Management ( BMS / BBA) Designing ( Web, Fashion, Animations) Hotel Management   Hope this helps.   Wish you good luck...

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Dear Student, if you are interested in Hardware and networking then you may choose B.Sc. Computer Science/B.Sc. IT/BCA : all of these are three year degree programs where a student may excel in the field of networking and hardware;and thereafter you may go for post-graduate degree in the same branch. There is a wide scope of computer related degree these days as every single department - government or private is becoming computerized.You may consider one of these institutions for admission - Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal,................Lovely Professional University, Phagwara,.....

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Dear Student, There is a wide range of diploma courses after 12th class with Arts stream, here is an extensive list of the same and you may choose any one of these as per your interest and inclination -As Art contains all the features and practices related to painting, drawing, sculpture, design, Weaving, Fabric, Pottery, Photography, Films, Computer art or animations, writing of fiction, fine arts like theater, dance etc. You may also go for joining ITI or vocational diploma courses, and consider any one of these institutions for taking admission - Banaras Hindu University,..... Varanasi,....

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Hi Gitika, There are many courses that you could opt for. But it would solely depend on what course you are currently pursuing in class 12th. Knowing your stream is extremely important to decide further courses of action. So best would be to clarify, what stream and course you are currently doing? Please be specific so that we could help you accordingly. Wish you good luck..

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Hi There, ARTS stream have a lot of career options. But still I would suggest, do not just blindly follow the list, do a research on the topics and see what all are the personal requirements from a students end to get into that field. It will help you choose on the basis of your strength and interest. Few options in ARTS includes: Literature Psychology Sociology Anthropology Fine ARTS Mass-Media History Economics Hotel Management Management ( BMS / BBA) ( Common for any 12th pass student) Hope this helps. Wish you good luck.........

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Hi Dhroov, Interesting career option. Please note, as per the civil service examination under UPSC, minimum qualification required is being a Graduate. So you could  opt for graduation in any subject of your choice. But as a suggestion and only if you are interested, mainly students who opt for IAS, specialise with either History or Political science. It helps during subject selection during the UPSC exam. Also this position requires the candidate to have brief historical and political awareness. Hope this helps. Wish you good luck...

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Hi Dharuv, After 12th, you would have to complete your Graduation. Since to join IPS, you need to clear the UPSC exam, ie, civil service exam. The minimum requirement is Graduation. But in the meanwhile, you could join NSS and keep track of your physical fitness, which is a must to join the police service. Hope this helps. Wish you good luck...

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Hello dev,  After 12th ARTS, you have lots of options but would purely depend on your area of interest. You could opt for courses related to  Literature Psychology Sociology Anthropology History Political science Languages Mass media (BMM) Travel and tourism Management (BMS / BBA) hope this helps. Wish you good luck...

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first you find what is your aptitude test result then u will decide Owen self what is future. all the best

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Congratulations! Which was the subject that you scored highest marks in? The following fields can open up for you, subject to your choice, taste and competence level : Psychology Teaching Fine Arts Applied Arts Mass Communication Journalism Law Home Science Economics Political Science Business Administration Design Fashion Luxury Retail You are still at a nascent stage in your life. While taking admission to a course, don't just see the name of the college and your marksheet. Look for a course that excites you. And then, look for opportunities to get into it.

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Dear Mehul,   The District institute of education and training (DIET) conducts Diploma in Education(D.Ed) as a one year program. It is a certificate level education course. The prescribed minimum qualification is +2 with 50% marks in either science or arts stream. After scrutiny of the application if found eligible the candidate would be called for a personal interview after which the merit list would be published.     Hope this helps Happy career planning Preetha Ajit Career planner

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Graduates holding a degree in fine arts can find careers as craft or fine artists, multimedia artists, actors, art directors, art teachers or writers. Students studying for this degree usually pursue majors like ceramics, creative writing, graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, acting. There is a huge load of scope in this field. Some of the employment areas can be advertising, websites, boutiques, tailoring, textile, teaching and even education industry.  So here are vast options for you..All the best!  

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