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What to do after 11th class as arts student

by Sahil Sharma
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2 answers

RE: What to do after 11th class as arts student

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Verified Career Expert
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Hello My Dear Arts Student and Career Aspirant,

Reading that you are in the first year of your college and wishing to know what can be done after this stage is really commendable and I would like to appreciate you for this. Its really nice that you are thinking about the future. I am glad to see you approach the right platform for seeking guidance on your career concern and I am sure that the expters at will be able to guide you appropriately.

What to do after 11th:

Dear Student, since you have taken admission in the Arts field, you need to first complete your HSC level (12thh). After that you can decide what to do, in terms of which specialisation for your Bachelor of Arts (BA) to take or to shift to other career options.

Arts is a very nice field to be in and people who like not being into business or science field, generally opt for Arts field.

I hope you have opted for the Arts stream voluntarily and not out of confusion or pressure.

Now how to find out what can be done after 12thh (HSC) in Arts field?

You can decide based on your interests. What are the options in Arts field, please see the below picture which gives you options of career courses after 12th Arts and Arts graduation.

The above picture gives you clearly the options for a Arts graduate, which are self explanatory.

Now one cannot do all the above fields and there fore needs to choose wisely and sincerely which course is best suited for one self.

Psychometric Assessment Test:

In order to decide among the above which course would suit you as a person, its recommended that you take the Ideal Career Assessment Test which is a psychometric test available at This psychometric test is a proven and world famous tool and technique to find out exactly for which career one is made up for. This test will tell you all abotu your self like your interests, passion, likings, IQ, EQ, competencies, abilities, etc.

If one chooses a career based on the above aspects, its certain that the student will get successful.

I hope you will consider this aspect.

All the best!

RE: What to do after 11th class as arts student

Priyanka Kaul
Priyanka Kaul
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Psychologist/Career Counselor in Careers360
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You are in class 11th and still you have a year to go with. Nothing to worry about. So any specific subject you chose in class 11th/12th to study like commercial arts or psychology etc.. and if interested in it can proceed your bachelors and even masters in it. So at very first place you will have to be clear with what you want.

Then even you can do a degree course or a professional course along.. All the best!



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