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What proffesional course should I opt after the completion of my B.A?

I am confused what course should I opt any computer course with niit or bachelor of education?

by Sahil Sharma
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3 answers

RE: What proffesional course should I opt after the completion of my B.A?

Sonia Agrawal
Sonia Agrawal

Hello dear student...

seeing your query above i can understand that you want to know about the computer course to do after you completion of BA that is bachelor in arts which is a graduation degree course. I would suggest that you go for the NIIT computer courses like Tally and language which is minimum requirement for some clerical level jobs. Again we need to know that what is the reason behind your willingness to do a computer course whether you want to do for job purpose or for any other reason as then only we can guide you better as there are so many type of courses in computer that you can do based on your preferences and requirement.It is not necessary also to do a computer course you can go for MA in the same subject you did BA and excel in your specialized subject and secure your future in it.

I would like to give you example of one of my friend who did BA in English honors and completed MA in English honors too and than she is working as a content writer in some big MNC multi national company in foreign and earning in dollars, so you can understand that it is always important to be focused and hard working in life in what ever you may it be be BA or any other thing always be committed and with full confidence in your subject is what matter at the end, you should know your skill and talent than only you can reach where you deserve to be in life. Hard work and commitment is the important tools for success in life.

Be confident and move forward in what ever you are planning to do in future and life will lead your path itself, thank you for coming to and asking your query to us it is always our pleasure to answer your query and help and guide you in the best way we could. Here you get the best suitable option for you with the years of experience on the experts available here.

Do come back with proper details in case further query is there regarding the same so that you will get the proper answer o your question and will feel satisfied with the answer.

all the best for your bright future and have a successful career path in life

Thank you

RE: What proffesional course should I opt after the completion of my B.A?

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello My Dear Aspirant,

I am glad that you got confused before completing your graduation and not after wards. Choosing a post graduation is not a simple task and therefore the decision you made to approach is very apt and timely and I would like to thank you for this.

Before I proceed to advice you, I would like to tell you about myself in very brief... I am an Educationist and an Economist! I have been into career counselling for more than seven years now and have counselled many students from diverse fields of commerce / arts / management / finance / law / engineering, etc. I am also an established author and my articles and research papers are published across the nation in reputed newspapers and magazines for more than ten years now on topics like economics, finance, banking, law, management, taxation and ofcourse career management, etc. I am also into teaching for some years now.

I am happy that you wish to choose a professional course after your Arts graduation. You wish to choose between computer and education? Well this is very tricky since both the fields are distinct and diverse.

What I would suggest my dear, is you should get your self assessed. Psychometric Assessment is one of the proven and fmous tools to know about your self in terms of capabilities, abilities, interests, passion, IQ, EQ. Knowing your strengths, weaknesses is very important before you decide upon choosing a career option. Since if you choose the wrong career path, that path would not take you to anywhere but then you will face monotony, frustration, depression and disappointment.

Computers and Education are fantastic fields however require very different skill sets and this you have to get it checked whether you possess them or not.

Psychometric Tests available at are downloadable and can be done at your home all by your self. This test will give the results instantly, only thing required from you will be to answer the test very very honestly, frankly and unbiased, since if you do not do so that results will vary and you may be directed towards a wrong career option.

I hope you will act upon this and get moving.

Best Luck

RE: What proffesional course should I opt after the completion of my B.A?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Student
Thanks for contacting MeraCareer it is our privillage to help you for the exploration of professional courses in future. As B.A is the common platform for many professional courses like management in hotel and business, intellectual property filling, education, arts and animation, handicrafts and interior designing, air-services, banking -finance and commerce, diploma in severel courses like computer, information technology, labmangement, technical writting, foriegn langauges.
If you have done either individual or in combination then certianinly you will be benifitted and absorved in national and multinational firms depends on your interpesronal skill.
You have to read the features of each and every courses and then plan your academic excercise accordingly. I would like to inform you the benifits of above listed courses in brief:
1.Diploma in finance and commerce: it could be different tag name from the host institute. This course will give you exposure in any accountancy job like data mangement and operation either in banking, academics or any govt office in India.
2. Language course: will be implicative in any multinational company or foriegn embassy as a translator. The languages could be german, japanees, chinees, korean, french etc.
3. Diploma in technical writting: many freelance jobs are available which could be possible while being at home as part time and full time which is possible nationally and internationally. and you can make huge source of income. even you can offer consultancy job also.
4. Diploma in airservice-can bring you to the severel air lines at national and international level which is also a smart service.

5. Diploma in computer sciences, information technology will enable you to attempt diverse jobs at administrative level, banking sector, defence, and many more. Just try to understand the modules which you will opt intellegently.
6. Diploma or certificate in laboratory management: It is equally important job oriented course which can bring you to any kind of laboratory like medical science, biotechnology, chemical sciences, animal sciences, plant sciences etc. Even govt can offer you technician at junior and senior level.
7. Diploma and certificate in IPR is also very interesting and job oriented course many multinational company like e-value serve can employ you as a technical assistant.

Give an honest trial you have multiple options in hand.


RE: What proffesional course should I opt after the completion of my B.A?

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