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Indian Foreign Services Officer deals with the international diplomatic relations and helps the external affairs ministry in making the right foreign policies and implementing them.

Hello Sahil For getting into Indian Foreign Services, you need to appear in the UPSC exam for all the civil services. The written exam comprises of two phases- The syllabus is as follows- Current Affairs on National and Global Prominence. History-India and Indian Movements. Geography-Social ,Physical And Economic Geography of India and world. Economics-Economic and Social Developement, sustainable Developement, Social and Political Initiatives, Poverty, inclusions and demographics. Political Science- Indian Polictics and Governance, Political Issues, Panchayati Raj, The Indian Constitutiin, Pu

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Hello Jyoti,Good to hear that you have decided to go for IFS (Indian Foreign service) officer. This is a very prestigious job considered in the society.The Indian Foreign Service is a Central Service and premier diplomatic service of our country.Members of the IFS,primarily represent the country in the international arena.The Indian Foreign Service deals with the countries external affairs including diplomacy and cultural affairs.It is responsible for the administration and activities of  Indian Missions abroad, and for the framing and implementation of the governments foreign policy. An

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Dear Priyanka,As you know that Mass Communication/ journalism is a professional course, so, there is no option for the subject that you take on PG level in Mass Communication for the civil service examination. but, you have good subjects in your courses for the preparation of Civil Services Prelims. I already mentioned that IFS examination is very tough competition. So, you need to choose easy and interesting subject for its preparation.Please do refer Given IFS Examination Subjects:Part A - UPSC Preliminary Examination - Optional SubjectsGeneral StudiesAgricultureAnimal Husbandry and Veterin

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Hello My Dear IFS Aspirant,Firstly I would like to appreciate that you wish to go into the government service through competitive exams and that too a great and dynamic field of Indian Foreign Service (IFS). I eally appreciate your willingness to contribute to the nation through anoble and high level service.I understand that you are currently in your graduation and wish to know which subjects would be helpful in preparation for the IFS exams also. I would like to tell you do not get confused or tensed. You are very much on the right track and there fore I would like to once again appreciate y

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