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At graduation level you can opt out at least one of the following subjects:Agriculture, Botany, Forestry, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Animal Husbandry or any of the engineering subjects. You must explore the website of Indian Forestry Service conducted by Union Public Service Commission, Govt of India. Follow the instruction and see the subject combination, apart from that you need to prepare for the General Studies and General Knowledge.Please find the important instruction for the preparation :1. English is the pre-requisite for any forest service, physical fitness

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Your present seems to be difficult for you to appear in IFS entrance, you can explore UPSC website and understand the prerequisites for indian fores service comissiont. You must acquire bachelor degree in Maths/plant sciences/animal husbandry/statistics/zoology/chemistry/ geology/physics/agricultural engineering/forestry engineering.Nothing impossible in life you have strong attempt to get it done I will advise you to enroll yourself in any distance education program -IGNOU / SYMBIOSIS and obtain your degree which should be applicable for your background.Other guidelines are also very importan

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Forestry is the science and art of protecting, conserving and managing forest ecosystems for present and future generations. Forest professionals understand the relationships between people and forests, wildlife, ecology, fire and pest detection and control, wood science, harvest operations, forest regeneration and manufacturing processes. They design , implement and promote management programs that have a positive impact on diverse public and private needs. Career Path:-12th H (PCM)B.Sc Forestry/ Wildlife M.Sc Forestry with specialization in subjects like Forest Management, Com

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