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What are the other suitable career options after LLB apart from being a lawyer?

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RE: What are the other suitable career options after LLB apart from being a lawyer?

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You have jumped the right place!Completed LLB? Now what? Most of the LLB graduates go for being a lawyer. But that doesn't mean it is the only way open for you. Being a lawyer is just a more traveled road. That doesn't mean that there are no other roads to travel. A number of roads open before you after you complete your graduation in LLB. It is just that the other roads are less traveled. People make a presumption of everything you are going to do. Doing LLB? Oh! We have a lawyer! If you want to break through this presumption, this is in no way wrong. Being different is never wrong. If you want to travel that less traveled road, it is not a problem at all! There are other career opportunities to pursue after completing LLB apart from being a lawyer. You just need to identify the one which is best for you and pursue it as a career in order to be successful in life. Following are some of the future prospects which are before you to go for after doing LLB:

  • LLM: Don't want to earn immediately after LLB? Want to go for further studies? Then LLM is for you! LLM is the post graduate degree after LLB. LLB will just provide you with a generalized view of the legal world whereas LLM will help you getting specialized knowledge regarding a particular field from the larger world of law. Doing LLM will help you get better jobs and high pay packages. A little more effort will help you gain profits throughout life.

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  • Be a Professor! Want to step into the teaching career after LLB rather than being a lawyer? Be a professor then! Go for LLM after completing LLB and make your career in the teaching world. A teacher is a person which only teaches, but also makes this world a better place to live in. If you have an urge within yourself to contribute to the making of a better society, professor is a right career choice for you. This is one of the best career opportunities available to pursue after LLB apart from being a lawyer.




  • A judge: The name itself comes with a lot of responsibility and reputation in society. If you want to be a judge, you can join judiciary and become one. For joining judiciary, you need to sit for an exam after LLB. The eligibility for the judiciary is exam is a minimum of 55% marks graduation in any of the streams and LLB both. Your promotion in this field is directly proportional to the amount of hard work you put in your job. You can get promoted if you do a good work and also by experience. With a dedicated soul, you can step on the ladder of success and even become a judge in supreme court in the future! Being a judge is a great career opportunity apart being just a lawyer.

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  • Join Indian Army: Have a passion for doing something for your country? Join Indian Army! Now the question arises, can I join Indian Army after LLB? Of course, you can! It is just that one of those less traveled roads. It is not just about being a lawyer. There are many other options you can go for rather than being a lawyer. Indian Army is one of them. The eligibility to join the Army is a minimum of 55% in LLB. Applications are invited from time to time. To join Indian Army and further details, visit the official website:


  • Corporate Sector: The demand graph of LLB candidates in the corporate sector is rising day by day. This is a good career option for those who don't want to go for being a lawyer after LLB. Many national and multi-national companies require legal advisers to exist in the complex legal world. The candidates with a higher degree in MBA get an upper hand in this field. If you are keen to get a job in the corporate sector, you can go for a higher education in MBA after LLB and grab a place in the corporate world.

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These are the options you can go for apart from being a lawyer after LLB. But always remember, the path to success is never straight and paved. No matter what way you choose, your hard work will only serve as a fuel to reach the destination of success.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What are the other suitable career options after LLB apart from being a lawyer?

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