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What subject I should take if I want to pursue law as a caerer?

I am really confused about what subject I should take to pursue coporate law as a career? what kind of coaching I need for it

by Palak Gupta
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2 answers

RE: What subject I should take if I want to pursue law as a caerer?

Archana Kakade
Archana Kakade
Verified Career Expert
DMIA & Brain profiling & counseling
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Law is a career with multiple perspectives. You canchoose subjects according to which area you want to practice. If you have done your graduation in the stream of science or technology you can become patent agent and practice patent and other intellectual property laws. Also in the field of law your working style preferences also matter. if you like to talk and argue you should choose typical court practice if your inclination is more towards writing then drafting and office based jobs like legal research of patent drafting, patent research, Intellectual property like copyright, trademarks, design registration are the areas which will suit you. if you have good understanding of computer technology then cyber law is one of the booming career option. if your liking is strategic planning and finance you can think of corporate law. If you can deal with people and can solve problems with stable mindset then Family laws or criminal court practicewill suityou. If youwould let me knowyourpresentacademic background and your preferences about working choices I would be able to guide you more.

you can also get your brain profiling done from me to understand whether your thinking pattern matches with legal profession. I would suggest NBI Brain profiling which is amazing tool to understand the exact match of areas in career. else you can get your DMIA profiling done to understand your inborn potentials and your suitable carrier combinations. write to me to know more about this.

RE: What subject I should take if I want to pursue law as a caerer?

Ravi Thakor
Ravi Thakor
Verified Career Expert
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  • Ahmedabad

Dear Friend,

Thank you very much for coming on this platform and ask for your furture prospects related queries.

Before I go aheada and advice you on doing something or followig my advice, I would like to introduce myself to you so that you have full trust on what I say or advice to you.

I am Legal Professional having BSL.LLB, PGDBCL, DBM and LLM. As you can see from degrees I am into a pure legal field.

Law is a very vast pool now a days and has tremendous future prospects if you decide what you want to do in this field. Today the legal field has changes so drastically in entire world that it has become one of the best and no 1 profession according to the recent survey conducted by a private as well as government agencies of different countries.

Because it is very vast filed, there are plenty of law subjects are involved in it which does not specifically covers the laws of your home country but also the laws of a foreign countries. So it hardly matters from which country you complete your Law, what matters is in which country you want to practice the laws you have learnt while doing LLB.

Becoming a Corporate Lawyer is very easy my friend, because there are many companies in the market who will hire you to take care of their day to day legal matters. So rather than becoming a corporate Lawyer only, try to become a legal advisor as well as Corporate Lawyer of a Huge, Giant Corporation like Reliance, TATA, Idea, AirTel and so on. Now next question is how to become one?

To become a corporate lawyer, you need to do first and formost thing is to enroll yourself into a Law College, make sure you enroll or get an admission in a 5 Years intigrated LLB Course. This is a unique degree which gives you more importance as an Advocate in the market along with saves your one year. Normally if you do Graduation and LLB takes 6 years, 3+3, while in 5 Years integrated degree you become Advocate as well as graduate in just 5 years saving you one crucial year of your career.

5 Years degree course is only way to get into any of the corporation as a corporate lawyer.

Second thing is, while doing your LLB degree make sure that each year you do atleast 2 diploma courses, so that at the end when you are finishing your LLB, you should be coming out of the college with an LLB Degree as well as 10 Diplomas in different Laws. You can do diplomas in below mentioned laws:
  • Diploma in Corporate Laws
  • Diploma in Cyber Laws
  • Diploma in Intellectual Property Laws
  • Diploma in Contract Laws
  • Diploma in Professional Ethics
  • Dimploma in Legal Drafting and Legal Writings
  • Diploma in Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Diploma in Competition and Privacy Laws
  • Diploma in Criminal Law

These are few of the diplomas which can back you up while getting an interview call from a big corporation.

Apart from this also make sure to attend Law Firms or Private Practitions advocates whomk you can assist in vacation time to get knowledge of the Court System. Certificates of such intrenships are also very much helpful to make the corporation people understand that you do have required knowledge of court system.

I strongly recommend that you take admission in any of the National Law College to persue your LLB degree rather than taking an admission in a private or deemed universities.

Choose wisely the interested areas of law while you are in third year and fifth year of your LLB, choose only those subjects as optional in which you have an interest, DO NOT FOLLOW other fellow students, generally LLB students choose easy subjects as optional subjects in order to get a good marks but do not do this, if you think the subject in which you have an interest is tuff tha others than take that subject only as optional because that subject has your interest in it. Even if you pass the said subject with 2 3 attempts, knowledge of such subject will count while interview.

I hope I have made it very clear to you that there is no particular subject to become a corporate lawyer, but to become a corporate lawyer you need to choose a right path and a direction.

I wish you all the very best and good luck for your future.



RE: What subject I should take if I want to pursue law as a caerer?

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