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How can I make a career in library and information science?

Can you suggest a right solution to it

by Preeti Taneja
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3 answers

RE: How can I make a career in library and information science?

Preeti Taneja
Preeti Taneja
Verified Career Expert
Dy. Manager Education & Counselling, Welspun India Limited
  • Chandigarh

Various courses are offered by different institutes in library and information science. The most professional program is the Bachelor of Library Science course. Thedurationof this course is usually one year and open to graduates from any discipline.

Nowadays it is more common for the bachelor's Degree course in library science to be known as bachelor of library and information science course. masters of library and information science is available after the bachelor's degree with admission either based on merit in the BLIS program / equivalent or an entrance examination.

Mostuniversities which offers BLIS also offer MLIS and some also offer PhD. State library associations and polytechnics offer certificate and diploma courses varying in duration from 6 months to two years after class 12/ 10. The documentation research and trainingcentera unit of theIndianstatistical instituteis aninternationally recognizedcenterfir advanced training and research in library and information science.

The DRTC offers Ms in
library& information Science with the sole objective of preparing the next generation information manager.The unique program offers anidealblend ofcoursesranging from library science , information technology , knowledge management andquantitativestudies.

The admission test would have objective type questions to test
quantitativeskills and reasoning skills , ability to read and understand graphs &statisticaltables. It will also test language proficiency and aptitude.

The National Institute of Science, Communication & Information Resources conducts a two years
course,Associate shipin Information Science which is equivalent to Master's degree in library & information science and is recognized by government ofIndiaand many universities.

There would be an admission test for those seeking to join the AIS program at NISCAIR. It will of two hours duration and will test the candidate's potential in
Englishlanguage, general knowledge , basic mathematics and logic to ascertain their aptitude towards information science.

RE: How can I make a career in library and information science?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

Exploring career in librery and information technlogy is a impressive thought, we are living in excellent era where electronic medium is pre-dominent and connect you with entire world in just a click. Moreover it gives you the best academic niche at your convinience that is why you are being aspired by digital media. Nevertheless the suitability with your expectation does tag you for your past experience, somehow it pays you if you are able to use it intelligently.

Keeping all these facts and figures set your milestones in librery sciences, but understand the requisites for study and analyse it with your competence, and equivalnces only then you can can think about your dream project.
If your result and discussion says you go for that then start to seel the entire course structure and find the objectives of study in the specialized manner. To check all these you have to consult the relevent institutions and ask about the placement scenerio in that particular field.
Several options are there at engineering as well as librery science level. You can go for the information technology or digital information based librery sciences recognised globally. In India severel recognised institutes offer these programs either in full time campus mode or full time and part time e-learning/ distance education system. You can explore Symbiosis, IGNOU, Delhi University, JNU, and many other institues.

Now you must see the credentials of these organizations based on certian creteria as they follow UGC, MHRD, or any other govt. monitering body with the set parameters.
1. Technical infrastructure, student faculty ratio, faculty profile, course structure, tution fee, mode of lecture delivery, credit pattern of examination.
2. Recognition at national and international level which reflects the contributions to the acedemic society and commonman both. How people know these organization.
3. Admission cretia is also one of the major parameters to understand the facts of any organization, a good organization always keep the the balance with the faculty stenegth and infrasttructure capacity and accordingly invite the numbers of students so that institute conducts the academics with the set paprameters as I discussed the points of UGC, AICTE etc.


RE: How can I make a career in library and information science?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Counselor / Subject Matter Expert in Microbiology
  • Meerut

Hell friend,

The career in library and information science is in demand because the libraries are considered as repositories of knowledge and information and are indispensable in the information age. with the merging of information technology with library science, the nature of libraries and the scope of their services have radically changed. The job involves wide range of reading and processing of the information content through cataloging, classification and indexing, storing documents and retrieving the required information and so on.

In your query you have not mentioned your academic qualification and what you are doing at present. After graduation, you may pursue your career in library and information Sciences (B.LI.Sc or B.Li.Sc). At higher level on can opt fro a masters degree (M.LI.Sc or M.Li.Sc) or Ph.D (doctoral degree) in this discipline. Most universities in India offer one year degree program in library and information science or two years integrated Masters degree in the same discipline.

Courses in Library and Information Science:

Certificate course in Library and Information Science; eligibility 10+2

Diploma course in Library and Information Science; eligibility 10+2

Bachelor in Library and Information Science; eligibility, graduation in any discipline from a recognized university

Masters in Library and Information science: eligibility Bachelor in Library and Information Science from any recognized university.


M.Phil in Library and Information Science; eligibility; Masters in Library and Information science from any recognized university.

Ph.D in Library and Information science, eligibility; Masters in Library and Information science.

Objectives of Library and Information Science (LIS) Program;

  • To provide the students knowledge about basic principles and fundamentals of LIS

  • To train the learners about various methodology and techniques of librarianship and information handling

  • To make students understand the purpose and function of the Library / Information Centre in the changing scenario of the society

  • To acquaint the learners of the application of different management techniques in managing the information systems and services.

  • To familiarize the students with fundamentals and methodology of planning, designing and developing the library and Information Centre and their services at local, national, regional and global level

  • To make students aware of application of information Technology / ICt to LIS.

The universities which offer this course:

  • Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh,

  • Devi Ahilya Bai Vishvavidhalya, Indore

  • Allahabad University,

  • Bundelkhand University, Jhansi

  • University of Delhi

  • Guru Ghasi Das University, Bilaspur

  • HNB Garhwal Univeristy, Srinagar

  • Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

  • Jiwaji University, Gawalior

Good Luck..

RE: How can I make a career in library and information science?

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