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How to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude, Logical reasoning and Verbal Ability?

by Smayra Shukla
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RE: How to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude, Logical reasoning and Verbal Ability?

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Most of the Entrance exams as well as the placement exams consist of three major sections which are, Quantitative Aptitude, Logical reasoning and Verbal Ability. All of these are considered to be a piece of cake, but when comes to the preparation and real solution, simple questions like finding the distance between two trains traveling in opposite direction started from the same point at different speeds. This is because of lack of practice of questions like this, and lack of the expressive approach to solve the problems. Well, according to the leading educational consultants and psychologists, this happened because of the lack of strong foundation and basic concepts which lead to ineffective results, where the study is done not with a purpose of knowledge but with the agenda of passing examinations.


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This all leads this low result and weak foundation and lower IQ level which leads to poor results in these tests and hence stopping you grow in your desired career. But this all can be improved or changed with the proper practice and focusing on solving problems and puzzles. Now exams like this mostly consist of the three main sections which are quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, and verbal reasoning. Every section has equal importance and hence, for preparation of each section adequate measures should be taken, and are as follow as,

For Quantitative aptitude, the prior requirement should be focused on enhancing the speed.

  • Speed matters most in the quants section and hence proper time management and time dedication of every individual question should be considered. In order to do so, speeding up of calculations and correctness in every calculation should be increased.
  • Also in order to solve the problem, it is important to understand the problem first and hence, a proper reading of the questions will lead to a better level of understanding and hence resulting in a faster solution of the problem.
  • Apart from all that, the main focus should be reducing the calculations as much as possible, and hence leading in reduced and more efficient solutions and hence leading to the faster Every question should be looked with an optimistic vision of, it can be reduced into a simple solution which will consume less time.
  • Every second is important, in the examination center and before that too, and hence proper timings and dedication for preparation should be given as well as proper focus inside the examination hall should be given.

For the logical reasoning, the main agenda is to check the thinking ability of a candidate and hence problems and puzzles based question that require thinking and learning skills are a part of question pool. For the preparation of this sections following points should be kept in mind,

  • Solve puzzles as much as you can. Puzzles and crosswords increase the thinking capacity of a person as well as makes a person think out of the box and hence is very useful for increasing the IQ of a person. This helps in order to score good marks in the Logical reasoning.
  • Time management is must, and hence proper time dedication and practice should be done in order to prepare for this section.
  • Refer some good book for logical reasoning, as most of the topics for preparation will be covered in that part as well as tips and tricks for solving problems with a better approach will be there and hence faster learning will be done.

For the last and most scoring section, comes verbal ability. This section is the most scoring section and a small effort for this section will help you with good percentile or result. In order to prepare for this section following points should be considered

  • Read as much as you can, this will help you with higher concentration power and result in the good linguistic basics. Also reading will help you with better understanding the context and will help a lot in the reading passage or reading comprehension based question
  • Learn and increase your vocabulary. Vocabulary is important for English and hence in order to better understanding of context or just for looking forwards towards the antonym or synonym questions, vocabulary is a must.
  • For the passage based question or reading comprehension focus on main points, and always mark the specific points and facts that are mentioned. Inferring the right facts is must for reading comprehension and hence should be done properly.
  • For a jumbled paragraph, always look for the root noun, with which sentence can be started. After that, start joining the dots, and form the sentence. In cases of difficulty consider different possible patterns and select the best match.

These are the few tips to score well in aptitude tests and ace the examination and get landed at a nice company or college. For more information, you can talk to the Career Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this helps you!

RE: How to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude, Logical reasoning and Verbal Ability?

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