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I am preparing for CAT2016. So, how to pratice for logical reasoning?

by Smayra Shukla
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RE: I am preparing for CAT2016. So, how to pratice for logical reasoning?

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It seems difficult but not impossible! Owing to the fact that the CAT-2016 is in the offing it indeed becomes necessary to come out of the comfort zone and burn the midnight oil. There are for sure some tricks and techniques to memorize the facts and the best ways to mug up the content but it is unto you who is at the helm to steer the vehicle in right direction. Go the way, should be gone by and earn enough confidence to hit the bull's eye in a proper way. The destination will be reached definitely if followed the right path.

Dear Aspirant, I assume that you might have prepared for CAT including Logical Reasoning and other parts too, previously and if not so I must dare to assume that you have gone through the LR at least for a once because preparing for it anew afresh will be embarrassing as to be frank enough this 15 days are not sufficient to practice and get an accuracy over the LR. Still, we can craft a strategy for last 15 days and you have to put in place your best to make it happen.



Last 15 days Strategy for Logical Reasoning (LR) – CAT 2016

The Logical Reasoning (LR) contains questions which are simple and easy if employed the logics, tricks, and some quick formulae and oh yes the common sense! The questions will contain hints and clues and you exactly need to find them to resolve the mystery. Questions like sitting arrangement, blood relations, selections and conditionals, sports events, groupings, and sets, etc are with hints therein and if you are able to get clues then you can come to the answer easily on time otherwise, I suspect you would have been revolving in a couple of questions for a longer while. Following are the steps we can enlist to cover the whole content in 15 days.


  • Previous year’s questions

Get into the previous year’s question papers. Read that carefully. See what type of questions have been asked. If possible draw some chart and jot there down categories and models of the questions for further digging. If you get done with this exercise then move forward to the next level. (1 day with longer sitting is sufficient to dig into the previous year’s papers). This stage is very important as you get direct clues about the trends and types and the way, the questions have been asked in CAT.


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  • Pick the standard books up

Having beside you the list you made from the first step, just browse the books and mark the important chapters. Now, for coming 5 days you can study for the actual content. Just try to solve various examples given in the book along with the questions you saw in the previous year’s papers. Maintain separately some of the formulae and mind maps. Perform 2 to 3 repetitions going through the syllabic content. And yes don’t forget the other parts of the syllabus like quantitative aptitude, verbal abilities, data interpretation, etc.

  • Practice, practice, and practice

Practice is a key to CAT success. Don’t be in relaxing mood thinking you have gone through the whole content. Here time matters most and even if you are able to solve the questions but not in time then all the exercise will go futile, I am sure about. Practice will make you confident and you will come to know the loopholes and lacunae in your preparation. Just know the weaknesses and improve it at your best. Daily practicing solving example is necessary.  


  • Time-bound paper solving

Give simulated tests. Join any test series by private coaching classes or just buy the question bank and model question papers from the market and try your hands on in time-bound fully simulated environment. Yes, it helps greatly. I would say you should perform this time-bound exercise of paper solving for the rest all days. Get your solved tests evaluated by the experts, senior players, tutors and work hard on their feedback to garner the targeted marks. Know where you are lacking and lag behind; what type of questions trouble you more or you find it difficult at; if the whole exercise goes in time or you exceed the time limit. Now go to the next step!


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  • Guidance and positive feedback

Your tutor, friends who are up to the mark in CAT standard, resource person or Experts at CareerGuide will help you giving you a genuine feedback. Once you know yourself at what height you have been drowned in water, it would be easy to concentrate on those particular types of questions. Leave no stone unturned and prepare in advance to the fullest and best level.



  • In exam hall

Don’t panic having random thoughts in your mind. Just be calm and cool! Haste always would fetch disadvantages for sure. Go through question by question and quickly solve which you find easy in the first round. Then go to the second round and try to solve with some efforts remaining questions. There is a negative marking so do not risk yourself for the questions for which know nothing about. You even can try elimination and guess method but not for all questions. Use total time provided; be attentive while reading the questions. Don’t stick to the question for a longer period just leave it and try it later on if time permits.


Dear Aspirant, the CAT is a highly competitive exam and the mere casual preparation will not work anyway so have hard and smart work. You have a great advantage as you are in touch with CareerGuide and Experts at CareerGuide is the definite option for you for guidance. Wish you all the best!


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RE: I am preparing for CAT2016. So, how to pratice for logical reasoning?

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