I am a software developer with an IT company in Ahmadabad. I have recently switched my job, I am not sure if this career path suits me.

I am still not not sure if this is the correct career path for me. I am a B tech graduate in computer science. In the beginning only I was sure I dint want to be an engineer but yet I am not sure of what else to select from. The state has become more of a depression, since I dont like what I am doing. I have been in It for the last 3 years. And getting saturated day by day.

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RE: I am a software developer with an IT company in Ahmadabad. I have recently switched my job, I am not sure if this career path suits me.

Sirisha Ravuri
Sirisha Ravuri
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It seems to me that you are very confused. Don't worry, you are not alone. I meet a lot of people who are working in a job and doing well, but are still confused about what their career aspirations are. You need proper career counselling. People think that only students can do counselling, but they are wrong. Even you can get career counselling done while working. It is just that the Counselor / Success Coach should be able to help you not only choose a different career, but also hand-hold you into creating a proper plan and transitioning from one career to the other. So without talking to you, I cannot help you decide on the exact career you should choose.
You need to choose a path that you are interested in. Something that you are passionate about! The advice I can give you here is this:
Take a blank piece of paper and a pen. Close your eyes, take a deep breath. Clear your mind of all thoughts of your current job. Then open your eyes and make a list of all the things that you do and enjoy. What you do for timepass, what you do for fun, what you read / watch on TV etc. Don't hold back - only you are ever going to see the list so it can be even silly things.
Once you think that you have made a complete list, start looking out for career patterns in it (a success coach can help you here). This will be your first step in figuring out what you will enjoy doing.
The journey is a little long, but it is not hard. With the right help, you can and will be able to do a job you love!

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