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I couldn’t make it to the top BCA colleges. What are my career prospects?

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RE:  I couldn’t make it to the top BCA colleges. What are my career prospects?

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Couldn't make it to the top BCA colleges? Need not to worry! Your career will never be obedient to which college you gained education from. Many top colleges are just overrated in terms of high cut-offs.


There are many average colleges which provide decent education which is enough for your bright career. Your career prospects are same as any BCA degree holder from any college. You can do all those things which a top college BCA degree holder can do.



The uniformity of the syllabus blurs the line between the top colleges and average colleges. Studying in top colleges doesn't mean that you have a bright future. Similarly, studying in an average college doesn't mean that your career is dull. The urge to learn and the passion towards your work make all the difference. BCA opens the door to number of career options after the span of three years. You just need to make your mind to what you want to do.

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Success is something that will run behind you if you are doing what you love. Always have the thrive to knowledge. We don't know everything. This thrive to knowledge will become the key to your success. There are many career options listed below for which you are eligible after BCA. Find what excites you and make it your goal:


MCA: If you don't want to earn right now and if your thirst for knowledge about the world of computer applications is not yet quenched, MCA is the right option for you to go for! MCA is the higher version of BCA. The career options available after MCA is much more better than BCA. The pay scale will be much more higher after your post graduate degree. Go for it if you have enough time as well as money.


Job in IT industry: If you want to earn immediately after BCA, IT industry is the best place to be. IT industry provide career options to both BE graduates as well as BCA graduates. The entry of BCA is graduates into the industry has been very recent. They are considered capable to doing what BE graduates have been doing so far. The demand for BCA graduates is increasing day by day in IT sector.


Software industry: If you want to place your foot into the software industry immediately after BCA, you need to work on it a little more. You need to require programming skills to get a decent job in software industry. After gaining these skills you are eligible to acquire many jobs such as software developer, software test engineer etc.

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 Also, you can find jobs like Technical support engineer, Technical Writer, Web Designer, Software Sales Engineer and many more. The industry remains one of the most desired career options after BCA.


Crazy about computers? If yes then any job that requires computer applications can be yours! Jobs in Banks, Fashion Designing, Sound Engineering, Advertising, Marketing, Billing & Inventory, BPO's and many other sectors welcome BCA graduates with open arms. All these sectors require programming of computer applications. This is one of the emerging career options for the programmers.


Instead of going into the industrial sector, the BCA graduates can also join armed forces such as Army, Navy and Air force. For this they need to sit for Combined Defence Services (CDS) entrance exam. This career option is for the ones who have the urge to serve the nation.


Be an entrepreneur: Want to be your own boss? BCA inculcates the technological skills in you which are necessary in an entrepreneur. You can start your own business. You can also build up your entrepreneur skills by pursuing MBA after BCA. The blend of BCA and MBA opens a new range of career options for you.


Digital marketing: Gone are the days of traditional marketing where only large enterprises with more capital only could survive. The whole market is observing a change. The cause of this change is digital marketing. It serves as the rocket fuel the vehicles to all businesses today. Digital marketing has to do with computers and internet.


Doing digital marketing after BCA will make a perfect combination. The field is newly emerged and has a chart of demand pointing upwards. This is one of the best career options for people who are searching for their place in the professional world. 'Now' is the time to take step and grab this opportunity before it is too late!

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Hope these options have helped you in making your mind about what you want to pursue as your career. Always remember, don't run after money, run after your passion. Running after money will only result in you lying in an expensive hospital counting your last breathes in your old age and regretting.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!



RE:  I couldn’t make it to the top BCA colleges. What are my career prospects?

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