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What are the top most companies that hire BCA graduates?

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RE: What are the top most companies that hire BCA graduates?

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Computer science has developed rapidly over the years and is scaling great heights every year. This subject is in a huge demand because of the fact that our county is converting into Digital India which needs new programs, software and system updates to function effectively and efficiently. This development has taken the interest of the youth and has pulled them towards the information technology world. 

BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) is a three-year undergraduate computer course which is further divided into six semesters. This has enlightened students with the study of software development along with other basic techniques required for the students to understand computer functioning. This course provides students, information in depth to the subject along with practical knowledge making them handle software easily.  The increasing growth of the information sector in our country also demands BCA graduates, therefore demand is also increasing. Companies want youth with high efficiency to get employed with them.

After completion of the course, there are two broad ways of getting employed. One is through campus placement, and the second one is by sending CV’s on your own. Campus placement is the best option when the student gets placed immediately after graduation. But, if you are not selected by any company, then you have to manage your job on your own and have to send your resume on your own.

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This company has its headquarter situated in the United States and whose founder is Bill Gates. It is not only spread throughout India but also abroad. This makes it possible for the company to hire a lot of new recruits with a young and developing mind that can adapt to the daily changes in the technological world. They believe in making a sustainable future. They give their technology and resources a long lasting effect.
Coming to the main question, the question of what is the work of BCA graduates in the company.

BCA graduates are highly employed by the company because it is a software design company which needs fresh minds in the field of information technology world. Candidates who can work with the company need to be a graduate in BCA/ (Computer Science), and can apply anywhere for this company throughout India and also abroad.

The candidate must possess subject knowledge along with good communication skills and good presentation accompanied by high analytic skills. The selection process is a follows:-
Talking about the salary that the company to the fresher is good enough. They provide Rs. 3,00,000 – Rs. 3,60,000 to the fresher. The salary also varies depending upon the work experience. If a person has a work experience of say ten years, then he will obviously have more salary than the one who has just worked for one year.

Below are listed some of the important documents that are required by the company and that you must keep in mind:-

Graduation Mark sheet

Photocopy of Photo ID

2 passport size photo


Certificate of appreciation (if any)

Work experience certificate (if any)

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Getting employed in this company is a huge success. Keep working hard and earn incentives. Be loyal to the company and you will for sure enjoy the working environment.

Multinational companies like HCL also provide ample jobs to BCA graduates. They look for fresh minds for the better functioning of the company and scale greater heights. This company has its headquarters based in Noida, India. They also have foreign recruits as a part of their staff who are highly skilled and have great capabilities to succeed. This makes the company grab position among the top 10 IT Companies in the world.

BCA graduates are very much demanded by the company because of the fact that this company is based on the information technology and software development. It has its own computers and laptops for which they need highly skilled workers which they find in the BCA graduates.
According to a recent research, it has been noticed that the company’s strength as of March 2017 was 115,973. This makes it clear about the widespread of the company and also about the employment it generates.

The average salary that the company provides to the new recruits is between Rs. 240,000 – Rs. 280,000. The salary differs according to the work experience.

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It is a globally recognized company whose headquarters are situated in Bangalore. It has 17,000+ workers in 150+ cities throughout India. It provides its workers with best working environment possible and also gives incentives to the workers to boost up their morale and helps them work with more determination to give best possible results.

BCA students are recruited by this company on a large scale and hence this creates huge job prospects for the graduates. Students who work hard are automatically recruited by the company when the company comes for campus placement. These high reputed companies often go to top colleges with good packages and take away with them the top scorers and also who are good in communication skills.

The salary that the company provides is sufficient enough for the starter. The salary goes on increasing as you keep working because you get promotions. The initial salary for the BCA graduate is Rs. 275,000- Rs. 325,000.

Other companies except for those mentioned above are as follows:-




Rs. 267,000 – Rs. 365,000


Rs. 290,000 – Rs. 315,000


Rs. 265,000 – Rs. 300,000

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Students can take up job in any of the above mentioned top companies only if they are eligible for it and have good communication skills to pass the interview.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!


RE: What are the top most companies that hire BCA graduates?

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