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Are there any scholarships or grants for BCA students?

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RE: Are there any scholarships or grants for BCA students?

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Computer science has developed rapidly over the years and is scaling great heights every year. This subject is in a huge demand because of the fact that our county is converting into Digital India which needs new programs, software and system updates to function effectively and efficiently. This development has taken the interest of the youth and has pulled them towards the information technology world. 

BCA ( Bachelor of computer application) is a three-year undergraduate computer course which is further divided into six semesters. This has enlightened students with the study of software development along with other basic techniques required for the students to understand computer functioning. This course provides students, information in depth to the subject along with practical knowledge making them handle software easily.  The increasing growth of information sector in our country also demands BCA graduates, therefore demand is also increasing. Companies want youth with high efficiency to get employed with them.

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Now the question arises as to how much is the fees, and what about those who are not from a very well-off family and cannot afford the study expense. There is always a solution to the problem. We, at, try to solve out queries and present our information in the most simplified way for better understanding of the readers. For those, who cannot afford but are eager to study in top institutions, need not worry if you are hard working and are a good scorer. Some of you may have heard about the scholarship, while others won’t. let us first start by knowing what scholarship actually is.

The scholarship is basically a grant or some concession provided to the students on the basis of academic or other scholar achievements. This financial help aids students to attain education from a college of high stature.  The best thing about scholarship is that it is not supposed to be repaid. Use the scholarship money and enjoy its benefits.

Semester Program Scholarship (Abroad)

All the students who are studying abroad for a year course are eligible for this Scholarship. Now there are a number of points you must keep in mind before applying for availing the Scholarship Program.
- The student must be enrolled in any college under United States University.
- The grant for one semester is $1000.
- You can apply for scholarship only after filling up the university application form.
- The scholarship application form must be duly submitted before the last date.
   Fall semester: - By April 1
   Spring semester: - By November 1

After filling the application form, the university will check your details and verify if you are eligible for the scholarship or not. They will check your financial status and your need for the scholarship. Once you pass the eligibility test, the university will send you an award certificate notifying that you can avail the scholarship facility.

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BCA Story-teller Scholarship

This is an interesting scholarship for all the writers out there. Let the writer in you face the competitive world and also earn a scholarship for your talent. Won’t it be amazing? Wow! So let’s see what the procedure for applying for the scholarship actually is?
You will earn funds by spreading your mind thoughts on the social media. The Institute will award a scholarship to top 5 savvy students on social media. Share your videos, your pictures, create your own blog, write your own article and let the world know who you really are. You have already been provided by amazing platforms such as Facebook, snap chat, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp.
Spring Semester: - By December 1 
Summer Semester: - By April 15

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Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for College and University

The government has introduced this Scheme to uplift the students who belong to the poor sections of the society and want to pursue higher education. These students are determined to achieve success and are nowhere less than the mainstream This scheme provides financial support to those in need at graduate and post graduate level. For eligibility, one must be a student of the top 20% of your class 12th result (CBSE) or an equivalent exam. One must check for the details of this scholarship by August- September. Don’t miss out this and take advantage of the services that the government provides.

Apply to avail this scholarship through National Scholarship Site.
The amount for the Undergraduate course: - Rs. 1000 per month for first three years.
The amount for Post Graduation Course: - Rs. 2000 per month for a period of 10 months in a year.

ITS, UG Institute

There is a list of scholarships that are provided to the meritorious students who take admission in the college. This boosts up the morale of students and helps them work harder to be a part of this scholarship. Students start working hard and study on the scholarship. This institute provides a scholarship to various students under the below-mentioned criteria:-

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Above listed are some of the basic scholarships. Rest of the scholarships depends upon the institute you get into and the category you belong to. Getting admission on the basis of scholarship is amazing as it not only makes you happy but also you family proud.

Hope this article served your purpose and made you informative enough about the kind of scholarships provided.
Help more and more people know about this. Share this information with your near and dear ones. Help them

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!



RE: Are there any scholarships or grants for BCA students?

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