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I wanted to persu MBA please give me Five reason to go for MBA?

by Smayra Shukla
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3 answers

RE: I wanted to persu MBA please give me Five reason to go for MBA?

Meghna Mukherjee
Meghna Mukherjee
Verified Career Expert
Counselor at Adaptive Minds
  • Mumbai

Hi Smayra,

Very interesting question and I do believe one must have strong reasons to pursue  a career, and not just behind a rat-race.

Please note, my reasons to pursue an MBA will definitely not match your reasons to pursue an MBA. I would highly suggest, please do self introspect why you wish to do an MBA and then only go for it.

Few reasons to pursue an MBA includes:

  • Better Position and thereby an increase in salary
  • Networking opportunities
  • Knowing business tactics
  • Knowing ones own potentials
  • Entrepreneurial skills

Hope this helps

Wish you good luck...

RE: I wanted to persu MBA please give me Five reason to go for MBA?

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Dear Aspirant,

Nice to see you ask this question before joining an MBA course. Many students think about such things after joining or after completing the MBA course.

According to me five reasons to go for an MBA are as follows:

1. When you have gathered a good work experience.

2. When you are a bachelors degree holder and cannot get a job and cannot do professional courses.

3. When networking is essential to grow

4. When you have an aptitude to go to the Top BSchools

5. When you think that as a long term goal you wish to get into entrepreneurship

Best wishes

RE: I wanted to persu MBA please give me Five reason to go for MBA?

Nidhi Arora
Nidhi Arora
Verified Career Expert
Career Counselor at
  • Gurgaon

MBA actually enhances your personality and you will be able to express your opinions more passionately in the corporate world with an MBA degree. If you wish to succeed in any competitive industry, its actually necessary for you to take up an MBA course. Let me give you the reason for opting this as your career, i.e1. Narrow Focus2. Personality Driven3. Growing Job Prospects4. Wide Variety of Job Opportunities. 5. Financially Rewarding Careersmoreover, With these points in mind, here are a few career choices that cost less than an MBA but will probably do more to advance your career:

1.   Start your own business.

There’s no better feeling in this world than being your own boss. Starting your own businesswould not only boast your moral, but will also help you gain a lot of experience. This is the best option for a midcareer turbocharge need improvement.

2.   Join a startup

An MBA requires you to cover a variety of topics, whether you like it or not. On the other hand, by tutoring yourself, you are free to work on the areas which cater to your interests. You could structure your curriculum on the basis of your requirements and cover a wide variety of business topics. Strategy and marketing, industry-specific lectures, leadership, and public speaking are a few basic attributes that must be learnt in order to have a secure future.

4.   Make a plan for yourself and execute it

A solid life plan will guide you in going forward. Your plan must include a mission, a to-do list, possible business or job options (with a backup plan each) and an execution time frame. Whatever you wish to do, you must do some research and homework first. Assess the market, see the scope, tap your potential and jump in.

5.   Write a book:

You don’t necessarily have to write a best seller! Just pen down your life story or yourinterests in a book. Write, publish, and promote the book yourself and focus on the journey more than the outcome. A published book acts as the most effective business card that you could own. Also, you could send the book as a gift to clients. It would definitely open more doors than having an MBA after your name.

6.   Freelance to explore your skills

Freelancing is basically working for yourself without having any company or boss. You choose your own timings and your own rates. It is the best way to earn some money while you’re studying or doing a job or even having freelancing as a career option. You can explore some useful skills like coding, translating, website development, accounting, writing, designing, etc. You can start off with whatever basic skills you have.

7.   Pursue a certification course

you could pursue an MA in organiational leadership or an MA in entrepreneurship. These master’s programmes generally add a direct and a more meaningful connection to venture capitalists or small business incubators.

8.   Volunteer for that NGO/cause you always wanted

Thus it’s a good course and if you do it with sincerity it will give you more opportunity through which you might get high paid salary and capability to compete with the corporate wold.


RE: I wanted to persu MBA please give me Five reason to go for MBA?

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